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Is The Internet Alive?

Here is the latest installment of Beyond The Headlines from McAllister TV and TRUreporting, bringing together Thomas and Linda Paris In this episode, they delve into the Internet. Is it alive? Can machines comes to live? What is it with black goo and programmable matter? How about Sophia or organic AI robots? Was ARPA the first Internet? Where did the Internet come from?

On A Decode With Gene

McAllister TV joins Decode with Gene on a deep dive to uncover the forces of Evil! Who are the Vril lizards! The witches and necromancers! Who are the gods that the Left worships, other than Lucifer? Sure, perhaps you’ve heard of Baal and Molech but what about Sophia? The Satanists call us “sheep.” They call us “meat suits.”  Now, it’s time to sprinkle your line of salt around to protect yourself and loves ones. Join in the Great Awakening. Banish Blucifer and the rest of his ilk!

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Where Are Epstein Accomplices?

Epstein Update Media Interviews And Where Are The Accomplices? More from Jason Bermas.

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Jay Myers Documentaries introduces Jeffrey Epstein protegee Ghislaine Maxwell. He says, “Ghislaine referred to these girls as trash but really, she’s the one who is trash! She is just as complicit as Epstein and If you’re upset over how I pronounced her name you missed the entire point.”

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Jeffrey Epstein told a journalist that he was the funder for Sophia, the world’s smartest robot. More from Jamie Dlux.

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