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Inflation To Sink Biden Regime

Hyperinflation will lead to the collapse of Joe Biden’s regime. That’s the prediction of Clif High, who says inflation is now running at a reported 5.4 percent, but actually is approaching hyperinflation levels of at least three to four times higher than that figure. Gasoline prices alone have climbed by more than one-third since Biden took office in January.

Those in his Federal Reserve are working to camouflage and hide the impact of this inflation. But Clif High says sometime this fall, possibly as soon as September, the U.S. government will be forced into a corner dealing with the inflation that Biden’s policies are aggravating.

We are already seeing signs of the coming collapse, he says. For instance, one prelude is the Biden regime’s Nazi-like drive, trying to force vaccinations via door-to-door soliciting.

Clif High is interviewed here by Greg Hunter on his program USAWatchdog. You can follow Hunter on Rumble, and Clif High on Bitchute. Neither is on the censor-controlled YouTube any more.


Solicitation Signs Won’t Stop ‘Em

As the Biden administration peddles its plan to send door-knocking missionaries across America to spread ‘va x awareness’ (and keep track of who’s vaxed and who’s not), White House-coordinated FEMA “surge teams” are being assembled to reinforce local efforts on the ground.-They are being told to ignore “No Soliciting” signs, and to use a script the Biden administration has developed to push vaccines. More from Dahboo77.

Joe Biden’s green-shirted mob isn’t exactly winning over any friends. Here, we see an example of the kinds of confrontations occurring as these governmental goons invade private neighborhoods and try to harass private citizens. More from Not Fake News.

When They Knock On Your Door

What should you tell the representatives from Joe Biden’s administration that come knocking on your door, seeking to pressure you into accepting their proposed coronavirus vaccine shots? We’re gearing up to tell those Marxists to go to Hell, where they belong.

Here’s one response that’s strong, supporting our individual rights, including our gun rights. More from AwakenwithJP.

The End Of America

This is a SGT special report: Letter of warning about the end of America via open borders and door-to-door experimental biological vax.

Americans are saying no to social distancing. Covid vaccines deaths are skyrocketing. Biden is sending HHS door to door. More from RedPill78.


Home Visits

President Joe Biden plans to send hired federal goons door to door to push taking the covid vaccines. Maybe rather than ramming the vaccines down people’s throats, the government ought to try to work with Big Pharma to improve the quality of these experimental drugs. The vaccines have not exactly worked in a way that would inspire confidence in these drugs. More from The Salty Cracker.

Door To Door

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden draw the assignment of going door to door to spread the gospel, as prescribed by the prophet Dr. Anthony Fauci. More from The United Spot.

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