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Follow The White Rabbit!

Hermes is the god of thieves and imposters! More Mike Pence memes! Pop culture filled with truth! Alpine Lakes!

Megameme: What “Miracles” do they hide? How to tell gender in New World Order’s mind-control media!

Follow the White Rabbit! More from McAllister TV.

Follow The White Rabbit

What do you know about the moon? More from Alpha Soni.

Hugh Hefner’s Honeypots

We’ve run a lot of coverage about underground tunnels lately. Today, we present this report from TheLipTV that describes tunnels built in the 1970s leading from the underground grotto at the Los Angeles Playboy Mansion to the nearby homes of several stars, including Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, James Caan and Kirk Douglas. Beatty has given interviews where he categorically denies these tunnels ever existed. But here, Playboy itself not only shows the tunnels appearing on the original architectural blueprints, but also offers photographs of their construction, so it appears Beatty has perhaps been fudging the facts just a bit.

Why bring this up now? We saw a report on Twitter showing Darren Metropoulos is now filling in the tunnels. Who’s he? The son of Dean Metropoulos, the billionaire whose many acquisitions over the years included Hostess Twinkies, Chef Boyardee, Bumble Bee Tuna and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. Dean and Darren long ago bought the mansion alongside the Playboy Mansion and eventually they added the Playboy Mansion as well, although they cut a deal with Hugh Hefner allowing him to remain there so long as he lived. Now that he is dead, they are filling in the tunnels — the same as Jeffrey Epstein did, spending some $29 million for that purpose on Little St. James Island.

The Playboy Mansion tunnels were in use mostly in the 1970s and 1980s. When Hefner married Kimberly Conrad in 1989 — the 1989 Playmate of the Year who eventually gave birth to two of Hefner’s children — she insisted these tunnels be blocked off. So while they still existed after 1989, their heyday was already over.

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Which brings us to a Q post from Nov. 20, 2017, touching upon Hugh Hefner and his role working for the CIA, running sex honeypots. We know many still believe the Washington Post, which called Q followers “deranged conspiracy theorists.” But we’re more inclined to heed Q here, or at least entertain the meanings of the Q posts.

Here’s the post we mentioned, No. 160:

Anonymous ID: 8GzG+UJ9 No.150170181
Nov 20 2017 03:17:31 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 9Ygs+P0g No.150169796
Nov 20 2017 03:10:48 (EST)
You guys are missing the importance of Hugh Hefner! Think of it this way.
>Hugh invites over celeb/politician
>Hugh offers them “something younger”
>Hugh offers them a “safe space” to do it in
>Hugh tapes encounter
>Sends tape to CIA
>CIA has person by the balls for LIFE.

This is MAJORLY IMPORTANT to what has been keeping people in control for so long!

What’s a honeypot? Check out the Urban Dictionary. The No. 1 definition is: A sweet tasting pussy.

Do we bring that up to be scatological? No. We bring it up because this is the week we lost Pussy Galore with the death, at age 94, of Honor Blackman, best remembered for her role as Goldfinger’s seductive aide in the 1964 James Bond movie.

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So bear in mind, when we advise folks to follow the White Rabbit, we are not just making references to Lewis Carroll and ALICE IN WONDERLAND. We are also making references to Bunnies, and no one had a bigger warren of Bunnies than Hugh Hefner. It should not come as a surprise that this warren led to a deep grotto and a network of underground tunnels or burrows!

Look For Mass Arrests Soon

Liz Crokin says to expect mass arrests soon.  She says she cannot get any confirmation, yeah or nay, of whether the arrests will involve human trafficking and the abuse of children. But she does believe mass arrests will be seen. Here, she discusses more specifics.

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Relentless Pursuit, a new biographical work on Jeffrey Epstein, has been published. Here we get details on Epstein’s relations with celebrities including Michael Jackson and David Copperfield. There is a look at Epstein associate Alan Dershowitz as well as Murray Gell-Mann, the founder of the Santa Fe Institute and winner of the 1969 Nobel Prize for his research on elementary particles. While the federal government knew that Epstein had allegedly violated some 34 confirmed minors, the charges against him avoided mentioning these crimes. It’s hinted that this was an outgrowth of his relationship with the CIA. The book is by Bradley J. Edwards, a civil trial lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., who represented some of Epstein’s victims. More from Jamie Dlux.

Satanism is rife within Hollywood, and it is hidden in plain sight in movies and TV shows, mocking the audience. Want examples? Here are some from the movies Home Alone, Dragnet and Bruce Almighty. More from Follow the White Rabbit.

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Is Disney really just Pedophile Inc.? Dustin Nemos offers yet another example of in-your-face pedophilia hidden in a Disney film. This is becoming so commonplace now, you have to wonder: Who was minding the store at Disney? Why did they have so many creeps working under their banner?

Dropping Pizzagate Bombshell

RandomRantsofRyan covers the tweets of Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger. What tweets? A series showing the connections among a wide host of pedophilia allegations and investigations, involving the Clintons, NXIVM, John of God, the Finders, Pizzagate, Jeffrey Epstein, etc., etc.  Behind all of them: Not just child raping but also the long arm of the C-I-A.

About this finale of the 5th season that concludes the series The Magicians on SYFY, as Aaron said: “There is The Beast and his plans for domination – being interrupted by the reset of time.”

About the schedule: This finale was aired in their last regular time-slot – before the eagerly anticipated reset of time that interrupts the release of the Beast!

Why do we keep harping on about the reset of time? Beyond the biblical and prophetic foundation, this is resonating over and over again in so many arenas, occurring in connection with certain other very specific themes, with familiar symbolism in attendance. More from The Open Scroll.

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Are celebrities deteriorating from adrenochrome withdrawal? Was their adrenochrome tainted with the virus? Celebrities sure are acting weird lately on social media…. They seem to be going a bit crazy and looking worse for wear…They also appear to be sending coded messages to one another? Is it related to adrenochrome use? More from Follow the White Rabbit.

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