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Disney In Full-Blown Panic

The Walt Disney Corporations stock hit new record lows as the company continues to push its woke politics, driving away many families that formerly frequented the Disney theme parks or watched Disney movies.

Now, the company, under recycled CEO Bob Iger, has begun canceling shows. The latest casualty: A live-action adaptation of The Spiderwick Chronicles that has been dropped from the Disney Plus network, although all of the episodes were supposedly completed.

Disney shows no signs of abandoning its woke nonsense, nor modifying its strident leftist politics. The company’s idea of an imaginative project? Remake one of Disney’s old movie classics, but strike out all of the white characters from key roles. Not exactly that smart! Here’s more from The Quartering.


What Exactly Is Woke?

I read and comment on your answers to my question “Can you define ‘woke’ in two paragraphs or less?” Thank you for the many hundreds of thought-provoking replies! More from Amazing Polly.


Disney Bud Lights Themselves

In today’s video, we take a look at Disney’s new live action remake of Snow White. Spoiler alert! It’s Woke AF. Here’s more from Awaken with JP.

Woke Ideology Takes Whooping

Woke ideology is being rejected all over America, brands are pulling back and children are fighting for their right to stay unindoctrinated! Pride Month is getting attacked, but also Black Lives Matter and many other woke fixtures. Here’s More from RedPill78.

Starbucks Pulls Pride Displays

A woke meltdown begins to surge as Starbucks pulls Pride displays from some of its stores, fearful of the kind of boycotts that Target and Bud Light have engendered with their insidious transgender propaganda.

Starbucks says it does not have a company-wide policy to ban Pride displays, but does allow individual stores the discretion to call those shots after assessing safety conditions. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Even in leftist Massachusetts, the left is beginning to strike out. At the Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, Mass., just outside Boston, based students took down Pride decorations and wore U.S.A. clothing, chanting “My pronouns are USA.”

Obviously, these kids have had enough of the leftist malarkey being pushed by the teachers and principal. Maybe these school officials should actually focus on fostering a positive learning environment as opposed to indoctrinating students! Here’s more from The Officer Tatum.

Thomas Sowell On Woke Origins

Listen as Thomas Sowell, in a 1995 interview, provides an uncanny analysis on the origins of woke culture. The 92-year-old Sowell is an American economist and social commentator who serves as a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, a conservative public policy think tank. Sowell is interviewed by Roger Ailes, the late, great CEO of Fox News who would have a cow if he saw what Rupert Murdoch and his wretched sons have done with that once formidable network.

Steve Turley shares their interview as well as his own thoughts on what is means in a new world that is turning more feudal by the day.

USA Winning Against Woke

The woke agenda is taking a major beating. Corporations that push this leftist drivel are seeing their stocks battered and their market shares plummeting. No one is buying this crap pushed by satanist outfits like Blackstone.

We are inside the collapse of the Deep State power structures! Staged events, game theory, children.  Media censorship, lab leaks, Big Tech. Here’s more from And We Know.

Harley-Davidson Goes Woke!

The motorcycle company Harley-Davidson goes woke, partnering with Budweiser on a new series of commercials. You have to wonder what compels these companies to take this step.  Are they suicidal? Just plain idiotic? Here’s more from Mark Dice.