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The Post-Apocalypse War

Are we headed for a post-apocalypse, Mad Max-like war between the underworld and the surface dwellers? Natural News’ Mike Adams says that is exactly what globalists are preparing for.

He says the globalists are preparing to turn the surface of the Earth into a kill-zone of chaos that is barely survivable, while they remain safely in their DUMBS, or underground-tunnel network. Adams explains further.

Repeating The Carter Mistakes

Bob Kudla Joins me to discuss the worsening Biden economy, the fact that we seem to be reliving the mistakes of the Carter era and the possibility of the pipeline shutdown being a Deep State mission. More from RedPill78.

Israel, gas shortages, rockets, Iran. Evil distractions “by any means necessary.” Sound familiar?

The Democrats and their Deep State allies are wreaking havoc once again! Some things never change. More from And We Know.

Some of the smartest people out there are starting to worry about hyperinfation and our Mad Max future. Lynette Zang joins SGTReport to discuss.

Democratic Party Wisdom

Tony Heller from explores the insane Democratic policies calling for an end to fossil fuels, allowing our oil and coal resources to go untapped and unharvested. Not only are they opposed to fracking but seemingly straightforward drilling for fossil fuels. Do they want a future that looks like Mad Max? Crazy Leftist party, run by imbeciles.

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