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They’re Rigging The Primaries

More shenanigans in this election cycle’s primaries has sent “The George Show’s” Behizy into a tizzy. He says the bad guys are at it again, playing games with voting machines across the country, possibly dampening what many pundits predict will be a massive red wave in the midterm elections.

“How can we believe in the power of the red, when the power of the blue is overcoming us in the primaries,” Behizy says. He says the dark side is again messing with algorithms to manipulate the vote and cites his home state of Colorado as one of the most corrupt violators. Here’s his report.

Cruz: Biden Impeachment Likely

Sen. Ted Cruz fired a shot across the bow earlier this week, when he said there are multiple grounds for impeaching President Biden if Republicans retake the House later this year.

Cruz gauged the probability of taking the House at 90 percent and the Senate at 50 percent, adding the probability of launching a probe against the Biden Administration would be “highly likely.” Here’s more from Restored Republic.

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