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A Double Whammy In Arizona!

Project Veritas has uncovered a surprising Democrat Party strategy to help alter elections. James O’Keefe reports that Arizona candidate Katie Hobbs’ twin sister, Becky Hobbs, told a Project Veritas journalist that the party was supporting Trump-endorsed Republican extremists in the primaries in an effort to give Democrat candidates a stronger chance of winning the general election.

Says O’Keefe, “So which is it? Are Trump-back candidates a genuine threat or is it all engineered by the Democratic Party to alter public perception?” Here’s more.

Juan O. Savin: Breaking Point

Juan O. Savin warns the summer of discontent is here and the country is at a breaking point. The problems surrounding the voting machines from the 2020 presidential election have not been resolved, the Jan. 6 committee is off the rails and Vladimir Putin is taking advantage of the chaos by moving a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons into Belarus. What comes next? Here’s Savin with David “Nino” Rodriguez.

They’re Rigging The Primaries

More shenanigans in this election cycle’s primaries has sent “The George Show’s” Behizy into a tizzy. He says the bad guys are at it again, playing games with voting machines across the country, possibly dampening what many pundits predict will be a massive red wave in the midterm elections.

“How can we believe in the power of the red, when the power of the blue is overcoming us in the primaries,” Behizy says. He says the dark side is again messing with algorithms to manipulate the vote and cites his home state of Colorado as one of the most corrupt violators. Here’s his report.

When Do Birds Sing?

Durham is on the hunt and he is slowly squeezing the truth out of the [Deep State]. The people are seeing this and soon the first conviction will occur, which will send a signal to the rest of the [Deep State]. The patriots are winning the information war.

The Nazis have surrendered in Ukraine. Russia is in control. When does a bird sing? As pressure builds, those who are in the cross hairs will most likely try to make a deal. When does the your enemy expend ammunition? When they are winning or when they are weak and losing? More from the X22 Report.

Mehmet Oz appeared to eke out a narrow victory Tuesday night over Dave McCormick to win the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, but the race remains too close to call. With 95 percent of the vote counted, Oz led by a tally of 397,349 to 396,724 votes with Kathy Barnette trailing in third place. Oz had earned an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, tipping the election in his favor.

In North Carolina,  Ted Budd cruised to a victory in the Senate race, as did Rand Paul in Kentucky. North Carolina U.S. Rep.  Madison Cawthorn lost his primary race. Although endorsed by Trump, he had become embroiled in a series of charges and countercharges involving congressional orgies.

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