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Red States To The Rescue

Mike Adams says there’s no way the corrupt Democrats will shove their federal gun laws through the Senate. Why? Because these gun-control pushers will not get through the Senate Republican filibuster, since 60 votes are needed to pass the legislation. But even if the Democrats did succeed to pass their agenda, Adams says, the states would pass gun-sanctuary laws.

Furthermore, says Adams, any threat by the Dems to end the filibuster is out the window, too. “They’re not going to do it, because they’re about to lose the Senate and the House, and in 2024 they’re going to lose the White House. So, without the filibuster, the Republicans would bulldoze through all the BS laws that the Democrats have put in place all these years.” More from Natural News.

Cruz: Biden Impeachment Likely

Sen. Ted Cruz fired a shot across the bow earlier this week, when he said there are multiple grounds for impeaching President Biden if Republicans retake the House later this year.

Cruz gauged the probability of taking the House at 90 percent and the Senate at 50 percent, adding the probability of launching a probe against the Biden Administration would be “highly likely.” Here’s more from Restored Republic.

Dr. Fauci On Your Phone?

If the Senate follows the House’s lead and passes the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act (HR550), be prepared for a full-court press from Big Brother, not to mention a phone call or two from Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The Weekly Report’s Ron Paul says Americans who don’t abide by the vaccination protocol will lose their vaccine passports, resulting in your privilege to work, worship and visit your family. Says Paul, “It goes without saying, this power will likely enable the government to punish those who refuse to comply with vaccine mandates.” Here’s more from Paul.

Speaker Pelosi In Deep Panic

With a little more than a year to the 2022 midterms, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is freaking out over the prospects of Democrats losing their wafer-think majorities in the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. Liberal Hivemind says Democrats continues to fester and boil beneath the surface that will explode in a massive geyser that is the looming red wave.

The Los Angeles Times reports that history, retirements and redistricting will play a major role in Republicans taking back the House. Plus a Democrat report indicates that Republicans exposed far-left initiatives during the 2020 election that are inconsistent with the values of Latino voters. All-an-all, it spells bad news for the corrupt Democrat Party. Here’s more from Liberal Hivemind.


Patriots Go On The Offensive

The patriots are now prepared for the offensive. Trump is now pushing the plan forward. The election audit is coming to a completion, Mike Lindell has the data from the voting systems. Other states are following the AZ gold standard audit. The people are now learning the truth about the pandemic, how Fauci, the fake news and Big Tech lied to the American people. The people are reaching the precipice and they know who the true enemy is. Trump signals it’s time to take back the House, Senate and the White House.️️ More from the X22 Report.

Pelosi In An Election Panic

Nancy Pelosi is starting to feel the heat. Not only does it look likely that Republicans will hold the Senate, now they are within striking distance of gaining control in the House. Many House races are tight and coming down to the wire, and Republicans are surging in the final days of the campaign. If Republicans can gain 18 seats, Pelosi will lose her position as Speaker of the House. She will be left as Minority Leader. That is, if the Democrats don’t caucus and elect someone to replace her. More from Steve Turley.

PS: Wherever you are, if you are a US citizen and haven’t voted yet, be sure to get out to the polls this coming Tuesday. Let’s send Nancy to the cleaners!

We’re down to the wire: Only a remnant of Halloween remaining before the month of October draws to a close. Could there still be another October surprise? And, if so, will it come from President Donald Trump or from his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. More from Mark Dice.

The rapper Lil Wayne gets canceled by Twitter for endorsing President Donald Trump. Liberal heads are exploding all across the Twitter platform. Lil Wayne cited Trump’s “Platinum Plan,” which will help Black America by providing jobs and economic opportunities for many Black Americans. More from Mr. Obvious.

MAGA Rallies Returning

The MAGA rallies will be returning within the next few weeks. Already, President Donald Trump’s poll numbers are higher than Barack Obama at this point in his first term. So, all signs look good for the President! Apparently, the first rallies will be in Oklahoma, Florida, Arizona and North Carolina. The first will be June 19, next Friday, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The other specific city locations have yet to be announced. Can President Trump win by a majority that’s convincing enough to sweep Republicans into Congress, so they can end the Democratic control of the House?  Stay tuned. More from Steve Turley.

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