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Trump Versus Fake News

The Patriot Report reminds us that we’ve heard a lot of misinformation circulating out there, but ironically, most of it is being generated by the Biden Administration and the liberal mainstream media.

Case in point is the latest attack from a Politico editor, who called out President Trump for his anti-vaccination sentiment. Problem is, there was no anti-vax sentiment, not even close. With Trump gaining momentum and the Left’s fear that his return is imminent, the fake news is flowing strongly. Here’s more with Patriot Report.

Buyer’s Remorse

What American voters thought they were getting with the election of Joe Biden and what they got are two very different things. Millions of people who voted for Biden have no idea who he really is. The reason why can be traced directly to the dishonest and corrupt mainstream media. And to be fair, you really can’t fault somebody from making a bad decision, if they’re given bad information.

But now that all is said and done–or so they think–the truth is rearing its ugly head. Take The Washington Post, which just admitted that President Trump did not incite the Capitol riot. This nugget of truth after Biden took office. Makes you wonder about the lies splashed across their pages before the election. More cases in point come from Biden’s executive orders on his first day in office. One of his first measures was halting construction of the border wall, a structure that the majority of Americans supported, and banning the travel order from terrorist Muslin countries. So will Biden be responsible if a terrorist or two slips into the country to create havoc? Again, truth versus reality.

But the post-election gem, says political commentator Bill Whittle, comes from news outlet Politico, who says it is no longer going to cover Biden’s cognitive dissonance. Whether he won the election fairly or unfairly, the COVID pandemic provided him the opportunity not to appear in public or prepare statements. Now, he’s in the Oval Office–the real world–and he must deal in real time. “Buyer’s remorse is coming in a series of semi-trucks, an entire convoy of all these things coming out now,” Whittle says. “None of these things came out before the election.” Here’s more with Whittle.

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Media Lies Once Again

The mainstream media has gotten used to lying these days. Their latest: They claim President Donald Trump is paring back his federal lawsuits challenging the Pennsylvania vote. Tim Pool found that claim made by the Washington Post, Politico and even some British news outlets like The Daily Mail. The only trouble: It’s a complete, insane lie. Looks like the Leftist propaganda wing is getting more desperate by the day.

And, as long as we’re roasting liars in the news media, let’s check in at CNN: the home of the unadulterated lie. Brian Stelter, the network’s media analyst, is popping his gut over the sudden rise in conservative news outlets like Newsmax and One America News. Perhaps it has something to do with the public no longer accepting what the old-guard mainstream media reports. Whether it’s CNN, MSNBC or Fox News, we now are coming to realize: These networks don’t give us the truth. They just spew propaganda. More from Mark Dice.

It’s the end of Big Media. AT&T is looking to sell CNN, while Fox News shares are plummeting on the stock market. More from Steve Turley.

Obama Whistleblower Murdered

Former Department of Homeland Security whistleblower Philip Haney, who exposed corruption in the Barack Obama administration, has died, apparently shot in the head and killed. Haney, 67, wrote the book See Something, Say Something: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad. He was a longtime DHS employee whose primary focus was on Islamic extremism.

Fox News’ contributor Sara A. Carter tweeted on Haney’s death, saying, “Somebody I deeply respected and considered a friend Phil Haney – a DHS whistleblower during the Obama Admin was apparently killed yesterday in Southern California. Pray for his family and pray they find the person who murdered him. Still trying to get confirmation on details.”

Haney testified in 2016 before the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Senator Ted Cruz. Haney said that the Obama administration had acted irresponsibly with regard to Islamic extremism. Haney claimed that the administration acted in favor of “political correctness” rather than take actions that may have prevented the June 2016 Pulse night club shooting in Orlando or the San Bernardino shooting in December 2015.

During the hearings, former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, told Senator Cruz, “I don’t know who Mr. Haney is. I wouldn’t know him if he walked in the room.” Politico noted in their report that Johnson mispronounced Haney’s name “on multiple occasions.”

Here, Haney discusses Obama’s corrupt handling of Muslim terrorists in an interview on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show.

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