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I Hate Big Pharma

Except for Pfizer. I hate all corporations except for this one that I love. Sue me. More from Ryan Long.

Is Having Sex With Men Gay?

This is the Age-Old Question. More from Ryan Long.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

Welcome to the Metaverse, the virtual realm where Mark Zuckerberg wants us all to live. It’s 2025 and this is your life. More from Ryan Long.

Can He Build A Deck?

A former Netflix Employee tries to get a job. More from Ryan Long.


Trudeau In Blackface Again?

Should Justin Trudeau do blackface again for Halloween? Comedian Ryan Long figured it was a good time to pose that question, as he’s scheduled to take his new show to Toronto, Canada on December 17.




Robin’s Super-Straight Secret

Robin has been doing some sexual exploration and turns out he’s really really straight.More from Ryan Long.

Attempted Homicide On Earth

Flying planes is an attempted homicide on the Planet Earth. That’s why Southwest Airlines is proving itself to be a climate trailblazer by declining to put planes into flight.

There’s much we don’t know, or where we have been led astray. Here, AwakenwithJP and Ryan Long explain what Southwest Airlines is trying to cover up about their pilots and vaccine mandates, joined by Danny Polishchuk.

Happy Wife Happy Life

A tale of men who say the phrase ‘Happy Wife Happy Life’. Tag a dude who does this or something. (Comedy sketch). More from Ryan Long.

Roots Of Erectile Dysfunction

I take a deep dive into the causes of Erectile Dysfunction to find out it’s root cause. Is it ever her fault?  (comedy). More from Ryan Long.

All Experts Agree

Every Expert is in Agreement. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. (comedy sketch). More from Ryan Long.

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