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Fighting DiCaprio’s Ageism

It’s said Leonardo DiCaprio drops his girlfriends when they reach the hoary old age of 25. Now, meet the man fighting DeCaprio’s ageism. More from Ryan Long.

Men For Total Equality

Put your dukes up, fraulein. Let’s have equality. More from Ryan Long.

Racial Sensitivity For Dogs

I am doing the important work of removing dog racism. More from Ryan Long.

How To Invest Like Paul Pelosi

How do you get rich? You pick up a financial advisor like Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s husband. More from Ryan Long.

Are Voice Assistants Sexist?

Ryan Long does a few experiments to test the theory that voice assistants are sexist.

California Vs. Immigrant Dads

The two different parenting styles of California Dad vs Immigrant Dad. More from Ryan Long, with an assist from NeemaNaz.


Blogger Pleads For His Job!

Where will he find work if no one buys Vice?  More from Ryan Long.

Girl Vs. Guy Motivation

Here are the differences between girl and guy motivation. More from Ryan Long, with a guest appearance by Jeremiah Watkins.

I Joined Disinformation Board

I decided to put a stop to disinformation and this guy wasn’t happy with me. I’m just trying to do my part. More from Ryan Long.


Let’s Hear It For CNN+

Ryan Long hits the streets of New York City, promoting CNN +. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

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