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NFL Comes Out

The National Football League releases ad declaring that football is “gay.” More from The Salty Cracker.

Prayerful Milo Goes Straight

Milo Yiannopoulos has gone straight. At least, he’s been eschewing the gay and lascivious pathway for the past year. Here, he offers a message to his gay brothers and friends, encouraging them to adopt a different lifestyle. He’ll be opening a center in Florida to help gays who want to join him and go straight.

Welcome To Lily Pond Lane

Chemicals in masks are shrinking penises and making women infertile. In other words, Alex Jones is beginning to look like a modern-day prophet when he warned us: “They’re turning all the frogs gay.” More from The Salty Cracker.

Master Of The Plandemic

The true agenda of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the current White House health advisor offering guidance on the Wuhan coronavirus) crisis, couldn’t be clearer. And let’s just say that this agenda isn’t exactly a good one. Fauci is nothing more than a modern-day Joseph Mengele experimenting on humans, touting and collaborating with eugenics fanatics, denying empirically effective and inexpensive treatments, Fauci is the 21st century Angel of Death. But Fauci’s cover has been blown, and everyone who’s paying attention can now see him for the rat he is. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!

In a shocking turn of events, coronavirus is turning lesbian women straight. Here is the shocking tale of a lesbian woman who engaged in intimacy with a male roommate while undergoing Covid-19 quarantine. Is it OK not to be gay? More from Mr. Obvious.

Via Children’s Health Defense, watch the public health industrial complex’s top peddlers of the dubious ChiCom virus vaccine admit the harm it will do and how human guinea pigs may, in fact, be MORE susceptible to infection after submitting to their jabs. Watch Bill Gates demand full liability protection after acknowledging that upwards of 700,000 people could suffer negative health effects from the vaccine he wants to foist on the world. We have been warned. More from Michelle Malkin.

Does the director of the World Health Organization have ties to a Communist terrorist organization? That’s the premise of this new video from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.

Milo: Forbidden Conversation

Here, Jordan B. Peterson interviews the widely banned Milo Yiannopoulos. Says Peterson, “I should start by saying that Milo is definitely now on the list of those who no one acceptable socially should ever speak to, which I suppose is one of the reasons why I’m talking to him. I want to know what happened to him over the last few years, in his words, and I don’t really give a damn if that’s politically incorrect. I also plan to post clips directly from this discussion on Facebook this week. We’ll all see (all who are interested) what happens when that occurs.”

“Milo’s a hard man to categorize. Part journalist, part performance artist, part agent provocateur, part comedian and wit, Yiannopoulos is a man of immense and complex self contradiction. He’s half-Greek and half-Irish, but is know as an Englishman to the Americans with whom he has communicated extensively. He’s gay, and Jewish by descent. He married to his long-term boyfriend, an African-American man, in Hawaii, in 2017, but faces frequent accusations of racism. He is—or was—strangely attractive to young American Republicans, and completed a successful and controversy-ridden tour of US universities in 2016-2017. For at least two years, he was one of the most well-known internet celebrities, let’s say, on the political front, and caused more uproar than any other single person that I can think of.”

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What Happened to Milo?

Remember the good old days when Milo Yiannopoulos routinely toured college campuses, pissing off lame-brained Social Justice Warriors? Here’s a look back at those glory years from TheGamerfromMars, who also reviews where Milo is at nowadays.

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Millennials, Just #WalkAway

Candace Owens explains why millennials should just #walkaway from the decrepit Democrats. These opportunistic bastards have been taking advantage of your votes, selling you short in their crass campaign to win over illegal immigrants. No one has to put up with this kind of exploitation. Use your brain and #walkaway from the dregs. Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens on millennials shifting towards the GOP—with social media as a platform to present their values.

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One who has joined the #walkaway movement is Rob Smith, gay, black and now conservative activist.

Are Frogs Turning Gay?

Ugh. How can people believe such stupid things? Chemicals aren’t turning the frogs gay, you conspiracy idiot! They’re turning them hermaphroditic! And they’re making the fish trans. But I bet you think that’s something to be concerned about, don’t you? There’s just no reasoning with some people. More from The Corbett Report.

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GOP Mayor for Los Angeles?

An openly gay, pro-choice, outsider Republican — Kevin James — has come out of nowhere to make a strong bid to win the mayoral office in Los Angeles. Can a Republican actually carry the vote in the City of Angels and win the first major election since the 2012 Presidential contest? Wall Street Journal editorial board member Matt Kaminski offers perspectives after a trip scouting out the scene in Los Angeles.

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Dueling Magazine Covers

An animated take from Taiwan on dueling magazine covers aimed at provoking controversy and reviving a dying industry. More from TomoNews.

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