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Tiny AI

Smart and decentralized. Here’s a review on automatons, artificial intelligence and what kind of limits face software.

There are two videos to watch, as the creator, Clif High, had to break to entertain a visitor. The second video is a little longer than the first, so watch one, and then decide if you want to see the whole nine yards! More from Clif High.

Mysterious Casolaro UFO File

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell after Marty Farrell’s revelations about his meeting with the late Journalist Danny Casolaro. In this episode, they look deeply at Michael Riconosciuto, the genius programmer at the heart of the PROMIS case.

Riconosciuto was put in prison after attempting to expose that he was instructed to install a backdoor for surveillance in the stolen version of the advanced software that the U.S. Justice Department obtained.

Casolaro had cracked the UFO File Connection of Area 51 and Pine Gap as early as 1987 and had discovered a shadowy aerospace defense contractor link to the phenomenon.

Riconosciuto is directly associated to the UFO file through the fact that his father was a partner in an advertising firm with Fred Krisman. A covert CIA agent and a main figure in the legendary Maury Island UFO Case, Krisman was later put under scrutiny by New Orleans DA Jim Garrison for Krisman’s connection to the JFK assassination.


Ghislaine: Deep State Ties

MIND-BLOWING info about Maxwell sisters’ software, who their husbands are, and what organizations they belong to. BOOMS everywhere! (edited re-upload from Aug 2019). More from Amazing Polly.

Testimony in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell details the horrific abuse suffered by she and Epstein’s victims. New images surface highlighting her relationship with Jeffrey, who still didn’t kill himself. More from RedPill78.

Illegal Numbers

A movement is underfoot to declare certain numbers illegal. Software, gaming and motion picture companies want whole series of numbers banned for public use on grounds that these numbers hold the key for encryption of intellectual property. Numberphile explores the short-term conflicts this is engendering as well as the long-range implications.

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