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Biden Worse Than We Thought

There are anonymous reports revealing President Biden is suffering from far more debilitating dementia behind closed doors than America is aware of. The events are more shocking than the rambling president in public, who is openly being used by the Chinese Communist Party to accelerate the downgrade and eventual extermination of the United States.

Infowars’ Alex Jones reports Biden is followed closely by a doctor with a large Pelican case full of drugs that he’s injected with. “Biden doesn’t know who he is at 3 a.m. at night and roams around the White House yelling at people and defecating on himself,” Jones says. “He’s literally setting up America for a fall, and they’ll blame him and blame America.” Jones explains further.

A Vicious Circle

Here’s the story of Lindsey Nagel, a child adopted from Romania suffering from AIDs. Her health continued to slide so long as her adopted parents followed doctors’ advice and gave her AIDs treatment drugs including Septra and ACT. But seeing how these drugs stunted her growth, caused her great pain and racked her muscles, the adopted parents followed the advice of an early AIDs skeptic Peter H. Dueberg and stopped administering the drugs to Lindsey. The end result: She not only lived, but began to see her health improve. More from JamieDlux.

Double Standard For The Bidens

When you harken back to 1991 and Sen. Joe Biden’s tough-on-crime speech in the U.S. Senate chamber, he rails about the dangers of crack cocaine and the consequences if you’re caught smoking it. Fast forward roughly 25 years and lo and behold you have the multiple indiscretions of Biden’s son, Hunter, for all to see on his infamous laptop confiscated by the FBI. And it becomes crystal clear there is a double standard in this country.

In this scintillating split-screen video, courtesy of RenaudBe, Sen. Biden waxes poetic on the dangers of crack cocaine on one panel, proclaiming that if someone is caught with just a tiny quantity of the drug, they should be immediately arrested and sent to jail. On the other half of the screen, in a video from the laptop, Hunter is seen smoking crack. In addition, says RenaudBe, the laptop is filled with Hunter’s countless acts of pedophilia with young children, which is way beyond child abuse. Yet, to this day, Hunter remains free as a bird. Not one inquiry from the Department of Justice. Watch the short clip and judge for yourself.

Not So Scary German Guy

Jamie Dlux examines the theories of Peter Duesberg, a molecular biologist at the University of California at Berkeley, who has questioned whether the HIV virus causes death. He holds that the virus might be a harmless carrier and that the associated deaths might actually result from long-term consumption of recreational drugs. Needless to say, his views have sparked considerable debate with some gay organizations labeling him “an AIDS denialist.”

The Crimes Of Wall Street

Attorney Wes Christian, who represents more than 300 plaintiff groups, outlines the nature and extent of Wall Street’s crimes against widows and orphans, pension funds and Main Street. Christian alleges that Wall Street and its co-conspirators have stolen more than $100 trillion in the last 10-20 years through a method called naked short-selling, whereby they basically sell financial assets, such as stocks and bonds, electronically but deliver nothing.

Naked short-selling is used to manipulate our markets, letting Wall Street sell stock that doesn’t exist to rig the system. Instead of putting in the hard work and providing companies the equity to grow, Wall Street has opted for the easier route of killing these organizations outright, destroying jobs and innovations. Says Christian, “The truth is, naked short-selling at this systemic level, threatens the very integrity and stability of our stock markets. This is the largest commercial crime in the history of our country.”

Christian joins blogger Robert David Steele for more discussion on Wall Street’s treason and its complicity with foreign powers, including the UK and Israel, to undermine the U.S. economy, government, national security and society, and on money laundering from trade in women and children, drugs, and other contraband.

Taking Down The Deep State

The NSA has tracked all the illicit wealth in the world for the past 15 years and the trail circles back to Wall Street. There’s evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt that the shysters on Wall Street have stolen more than $100 trillion from Main Street with naked short-selling and have laundered another $100 trillion in dirty money from trafficking in children and women, and drugs, guns and gold.

That’s the message from Robert David Steele in a brief and impassioned speech about the nefarious state of affairs surrounding the Deep State. He adds that 90 percent of the people in government, the military and the intelligence community are good people trapped in a bad system. But sadly, the secret intelligence community serves the Deep State and not the American people. And the CIA, in particular, is out of control.

Steele’s message is clear and terse: We have it all. Once the President (Trump) gets Binney (William, former intelligence official) into NSA and processes it all, we have every single one of you by the balls. You cannot survive this. You have one out–make the deal motherfucker or you are are going to die.” Here’s more with Steele.

Red Pill Your Friends

Really Graceful launches a new series, Red Pill Your Friends, with a video called The Human Farmers. She says, “Red Pill Your Friends Vol 1 is about the manipulation of the air we breathe, the food we eat, the remedies we take when we’re feeling ill, and our current status as the human guinea pigs of the world.”

Pelosi’s Hairy Highlights

Nancy Pelosi’s hairy mess just keeps getting hairier. Meanwhile, what is it with Joe Biden’s IV marks? Is the dude on drugs? Is this why President Donald Trump suggested that both he and Biden undergo drug tests ahead of the first Presidential Debate? Attorney General William Barr discusses the Democrats’ threats to election integrity, especially with their push to massive mail-in ballots. What a corrupt party! Here we go! More from And We Know.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now deploying all assets, but it failing. The stories don’t work anymore. People are awake. Trump makes another peace deal. He is bringing the world together. Big news is about to drop and the [DS]/MSM are trying to get ahead of it with distractions to clog up the MSM. The push is on by the elite to start a civil war, but is failing. Stay vigilant. More from the X22 Report.

Trump is right again. There is evidence that Joe Biden is being juiced up. And, yes, Mexico has been paying for the Wall. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Why are they expending their ammunition? The Deep State will not stop in its bid to harass and bring down the Trump administration. It’s frustrating but each time they strike out, they become more exposed, and they lose their powers. Soon, they will have to face the music with no ammunition left to burn. More from JustInformed Talk.

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Pelosi Devours America!

George Webb Back Online

Our most popular post of all time — Joe Biden’s Water Island Base — has now attracted more than 40,000 visitors. We posted the video in February, shortly after it was produced by journalist George Webb. Only three people saw that initial post. But every month since February, the number kept climbing, hitting a peak just after July 4, when as many as 7,000 a day checked it out.

Thus, we were shocked and dismayed when YouTube removed all of Webb’s channel, deleting every one of his videos at that time. Fortunately, a few other individuals had already re-posted Joe Biden’s Water Island Base, or else we would have nothing to present to you.

Now, we’re glad to see Webb himself is resurfacing. He has begun uploading his trove of videos onto Brighteon. Joe Biden’s Water Island Base hasn’t reappeared there, but Webb has reposted more than 25 of his videos, with new ones appearing every few hours. His channel is called GeorgeWebbReports. Check it out at:

Here’s a sample of one of the videos. This one’s called The D is for Drugs, Dyncorp and the DNC. We apologize that you cannot see a thumbnail of the video. It’s there if you check the link.

But we are still playing around with our WordPress tools to seamlessly present Brighteon videos. Once we have a few more of the details ironed out, we’ll begin sharing George Webb videos again — only from Brighteon, not YouTube.


Robo Orgasms

Gwyneth Paltrow introduces us to her new pleasure: Robo orgasms. Yes, the Liberals have sunk even further. Now, their world consists of drugs, demonic possessions and public Os. More from Stefan Molyneux.


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