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Gates Divorce Traces To Epstein

The high-profile divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates appears to trace directly to Jeffrey Epstein. InfoWars’ Alex Jones is reporting that Bill lied to his wife, the courts and federal officers and told the international media for years that he never stayed with Epstein at his residences in Paris and New York. He was adamant about never being aboard theĀ  “Lolita Express” to Epstein’s pedophile island in the Caribbean.

Turns out Gates did visit those places, in addition to properties in New Mexico and Florida, staying in compounds with all sorts of bizarre things going on inside, including prostitution, pedophilia and drug abuse. Jones says Gates was also heavily involved with other pimps that were corrupting top scientists around the world to gain control. “She (Melinda) has been extremely embarrassed by all this, but she’s also shown a lot of naivete, many times going on many shows saying, ‘Oh no, he’s not into eugenics. He’s not into depopulation,'” Jones says. Here’s more on the Gates divorce and Bill’s missteps on this edition of InfoWars.

Epstein Victims Fund Taps Out

The compensation fund for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims is tapped out. The estate is allegedly worth millions, but payments to those harmed by Epstein and his entourage of pedos has abruptly come to a halt. There’s apparently $49 million cash in hand, but the estate is claiming it can’t tap into the account. “There’s some kind of shenanigans here,” says Shaun Attwood. “I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but the guys who have handled Epstein’s affairs for years … there is actual legal action being taken against those guys this week. So are they stopping the flow of the money because of what is going on against them?”

That seems like a logical explanation, but a deeper look at expenditures reveals that the estate is frivolously spending millions just to maintain Epstein’s properties on items, such as groceries, steaks, Artesian water and $86,000 in funeral expenses for Epstein (a sham in itself). Lawyers for victims says they feel betrayed once again, as if Epstein himself continues to torture them from the grave.

The compensation fund accepted more than150 applications from victims since last June, paying out a bit more than $55 million. The estate at the time agreed to pay out the amounts determined by independent administrators without question and stated there were enough funds until recent developments. In a scramble to raise more money, the estate is seeking to sell many of Epstein’s properties, such as the mansions in New York and Palm Springs, Fla., and his Virgin Island holdings, although buyers are not biting because of what occurred at these locations.

Attwood brings us more analysis on the compensation fund and updated news on legal issues regarding Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein.

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