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Wokeism To Destroy Civilization

In Monday’s Situation Update, Mike Adams gives us his take on the rolling power outages now hitting Texas. They’re caused by the extreme winter weather, of course, but aggravated by the growing move toward green energy. Adams explains how electric cars are placing enormous power demands on a grid that is already strained by the weather.

If coal and nuclear power get phased out, and oil energy also is hung out to dry by the foolhardy Democrats, we could see many days where folks face power outages. And they not only won’t be able to heat their homes, but also marooned in those same drafty and freezing homes — unable to drive to work. So much for wokeism and how it is rendering civilization decaying and defunct.

Here’s another sign of impending chaos and an inflation red alert: Max Porterfield, the CEO of Callinex Mines, Inc. joins the SGTReport to discuss the global run on tangible hard assets, the destruction of fiat currency and the reason why his company’s stock is up nearly 10X since the last time we spoke.

Alert! Record-Breaking Colds

Alert climate changers! Some 250 record-breaking freezing temperatures are expected to be shattered this week. Better send Greta Thunberg out to freeze her little tushie! More from HighImpactFlix.

Stain of Climate Engineering

Groundbreaking Interview with Dane Wigington from! Dane has new eye-opening information about the silent battle being waged in the sky over our heads! He advises to stop calling them chemtrails and explains why here.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed and presumably is censoring this video by Dane Wigington. In its absence, we present another video where he appeared with Greg Hunter on and discussed how chemtrails are masking the severity of a climate collapse.)

Randy Quaid addresses the atmosphere and the record cold spell that just swept across the Great Plains and Upper Midwest.

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Prepare for Brutal Cold

Some experts are forecasting extended cold this winter — so brutal that there could be “teeth-chattering cold” for much of the United States and extended famine around the world. For its part, the Farmers’ Almanac projects a “colder than normal” winter from the Continental Divide eastward. “Contrary to the stories storming the web, our time-tested, long-range formula is pointing toward a very long, cold, and snow-filled winter.” Lisa Haven discusses the chilly outlook.

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Wintry Reminder

As winter begins to descend upon much of the nation, here’s a reminder of how treacherous conditions can become. In this video, a resident of Fairbanks, Alaska, shows what happens when you throw hot water into the atmosphere — on a day when temperatures have fallen to -52 below zero!

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Day the Snowflakes Cried

Folk singer Chad Prather’s new song “Snowflake Cry” is bound to trigger a few late winter snowflakes.

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Snowflakes Falling Everywhere

Hey, it’s wintertime, so the snowflakes are falling.

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Seasons Make No Sense

Most of us figured out early that winter is when it’s coldest, summer is when it’s hottest and spring and fall are in between. But contrary to the official calendar dates of winter, the coldest quarter usually begins around December 8, weeks before the official date, and ends March 9. And the official summer dates on the calendar miss out on some of our warmest months. So what gives? Video blog host Joe Hanson erases the question marks in this edition of It’s Okay to be Smart.

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Your Brain On Extreme Weather

Extreme weather, snowmaggedon and polar vortex are terms that have dominated your local weather channels. But MinuteEarth tells us that rain or shine, our minds tend to prize their freshest impressions. “Even when we experience the same weird weather events as other people, we don’t always agree on how weird they were,” says host Emily Elert. Even politics plays a major role.

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Full Moons Better in Winter

Henry Reich of MinutePhysics tells us that the splendor of a full moon is on optimum display in the dead of winter. “The moon is full when it’s on the opposite side of the earth from the sun, its whole face reflecting the light of the sun back at us,” he says. “The winter moon is like a summer sun. It’s up for a long time and takes a high path through the sky.” Listen in as Reich elaborates on why we are so fascinated by the full moon phenomenon.

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