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The Stage And Trap Are Set

The [Deep State] is now left with only one option: Force the people to comply, Trump and the patriots have brought the [Deep State] down this path so everyone can see who and what they really are: Traitors.

The [Deep State] is now building the narrative. This will backfire on them. How do you navigate around a corrupt [FBI]/[Department of Justice]? Stealth bomber. The trap has been set. This is the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. This will not end well for the [Deep State]. More from the X22 Report.

Argentina’ VP Survives Attack

Josh Sigurdson features shocking video of a failed assassination attempt on former Argentinian President and current VP Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Sigurdson says the suspect aimed point blank at Fernandez de Kirchner’s face, but the firearm appeared to jam. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Dr. Jill’s Creepy Hands!

New Event Intel! Sub-Cabal group! International Alliance! Will Trump be arrested? Dr. Jill’s creepy hands! Anderson Cooper’s Creepy adoption! Megadeath! White Hat moles! Infiltration! Trump is never ever “tricked”! The Dead are going to come back to life! More from McAllister TV.

The FBI raid on Castle Mar-A-Lago. “You don’t frighten us, FBI pig dogs.” More from Bluewater.

Roswell UFOs: 75th Anniversary

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell back to the show for a special deep dive on the breakthrough new information on the Kecksburg UFO Crash and its connection to SS-Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler and the Nazi Bell Project! They also go deep on exotic technology, black projects in Argentina and the 75th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident!

Yet Another Mystery Creature

Yet another mysterious creature has washed up on the shores of our planet, this time in Australia. Some dutiful probing by Riss Flex reveals almost the same, exact animal washed up on tiny Plum Island, off the coast of New York recently.

Plum Island, says Flex, is home to Lab 257, formerly a government facility built to experiment in biological warfare and, later, research anti-animal biological agents. Flex digs deeper into the mystery, plus reports on the drug cartels’ stranglehold on Mexico and revisits the odd case of the foreign object that fell out of the sky into Argentina in 2011, causing major damage.


Gene Decode Major Intel

Gene Decode tells Patriot Dave that some of what our history books taught us about Adolf Hitler and the atrocities that befell the Jewish people was basically fake news.

Decode suggests the Jews who were allegedly massacred by Germany in World War II, were mostly from the Khazarian race, who infiltrated the Holy Land after being tossed out of the steppes of Central Asia before World War II. He says the Khazarians were non-terrestrials from the planets Ariana (Arians) and Na (Nazis), in the Scionist constellation. Decode says further evidence that the Jewish massacre was exaggerated comes from a book titled Other Losses, by James Bacque, which shockingly reveals the mass graves shown in Auschwitz and Dachau at the end of World War II were actually German prisoners of war who had been kept in France.

Hitler, as we’ve recently have come to know, escaped war-torn Europe following the war with his wife, Eva Braun, and relocated to Argentina. What we didn’t know was his mode of escape, which was on one of 390 submarines that Germany hid in one of its DUMBs. Decode says the subs were seen traveling through Chile and Brazil on their way to Base 211 in Antarctica and onto Argentina. He says Hitler lived there for many years and died when hit by a car during a Mardi Gras-type festival. Here’s the rest of the story and more intel from Decode, courtesy of Gerry 67. As always, please use your own discernment when viewing the material.

Cloning Centers For Real

Nicholas Veniamin delves deeply into the world of cloning and its effects on humanity with experts Meghan Walsh and Penny LA Shepard.

Shepard, who suspects she was a victim of MK-Ultra and claims to be related to Josef Mengele, aka the “Angel of Death during Hitler’s Third Reich, says that after World War II, many of Nazi Germany’s top officers fled to Argentina, where Mengele created a “clone town.” She says the first-ever cloning center was situated in the Caribbean and other centers have now spread to Canada and Las Vegas, NV.

Walsh also describes her experience with cloning and talks about her father’s coverage of the Raelians and Clonaids in the Bahamas. Here’s more of their story on NickV.TV.

China Is Eating Our Lunch

Other countries are protecting their food supplies. Argentina, Russia, and Ukraine have all stopped exporting to be able to feed their people. Yet the United States of America continues to export hand-over-fist to China — based on the data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. How is this happening? Who is in control? Christian Westbrook asks some hard questions tonight on this troubling Ice Age Farmer broadcast — and the answers demand that we start growing food immediately.

News of lopsided China food trade comes as we learn that Bill Gates is the single largest owner of American farmlands. So Gates not only controls our computer system but also our food supply, having amassed 240,000 acres.  His influence in the world food systems is astounding. What can we expect he will do with this inconceivable amount of control over the world’s food supply? Christian Westbrook takes a deep look at the investments, motivations and goals of the new #1 owner of our farms on this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.


Anyone else notice how the “modern” logos of the Democrats resemble the goat’s head emblem that has always represented Satanism? Seems the Democrats’ graphic stylists are fishing the depths of Hell to come up with something original! In Pursuit of Truth makes a few observations about their sartorial splendor, before diving into the latest news.

Take the example of Jeffrey Parsons, 44, of Dillon, Montana, a civilian employee of the Department of Defense. Parsons cut a deal with a Chinese fellow to sell valuable equipment, materials and goods from naval stations in California. Parsons has now been slapped with a prison term and ordered to provide more than $230,000 in restitution to the US government.

Otherwise, we learn about the many fires occurring at recycling centers and China’s quest to continue buying seaports around the globe.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have now lost their narrative. The country is not buying what they are selling. The walls are closing in on them and they are starting to realize it and that is why they are trying to blame the chaos on Trump. This will fail because for months he told the Governors and Mayors, just let me know when you need my help. They never did. The people have been brought to the precipice and they can see clearly now. More from the X22 Report.

Bob Kudla joins me to talk about the emerging humanitarian crisis in China. As they are no longer able to produce their own food to satisfy the needs of their people, they are turning to other countries and that, in turn, is causing shortages in places like Argentina. The NBA does a head fake on striking for social justice issues. The unrest continues in Kenosha and more from RedPill78.

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Are they trying to destroy our nation from within? Why did the Democrats remove the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance they recited? Are they all atheists and Satanists? More from JustInformed Talk.

Trump Winning Against China

President Donald Trump has pretty much defeated China on both tariffs and drugs. That is the assessment of Styxhexenhammer666, who notes that Trump returned from meeting China at the G-20 in Argentina armed with a temporary tariff freeze and a new crackdown on Chinese fentanyl.

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President Donald Trump said Monday that U.S.-China relations ‘have taken a BIG leap forward’ after he and President Xi Jinping agreed on a trade truce, using the name of a Communist Party of China farm reform program that killed tens of millions of people 60 years ago. Here, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin praises “breakthrough” of trade truce with China. More from the Daily Mail.

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Steve Pieczenik says he was very pleased and very proud of President Trump’s accomplishment. The former State Department official and psychiatrist says the “markers should be happy,” calling the meeting “the perfect Chinese dinner.”

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