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100 Corporations Push Fascism

A hundred corporations are seeking to subvert state voting laws and institute fascism. The corporations held a conference call, by phone, to discuss ways they can try to subvert and overturn new voting laws by states aimed at curbing the wanton corruption we saw happening in the 2020 presidential election.

It’s time for all of us who want fair elections to remind these corporations that we do not appreciate nor support their fascism. The best way to do that: Boycott their products. Support their competitors.

Who are these buzzards? Some are quite predictable, like Delta Airlines, Coca Cola or Nike, whose CEO collects Satanic art. But there are many new outfits getting dragged into this fray, including Major League Baseball, which is laughably now copying the same kinds of Leftist meddling causing NFL and NBA attendance to completely crater.

Here, Styxhexenhammer666 addresses the problem and gives us some ideas to help solve it. He says, “It’s hand in hand with big tech censorship and multinational bureaus and heads influencing our system. Lemmings suddenly think billionaires act in the public interest.” Here’s a link to learn more:

We The People Stick It to Delta

It appears that many Americans didn’t take too kindly to Delta Airlines joining a number of corporations boycotting Georgia’s voter ID law. Delta announced that it canceled more than 100 flights on Sunday, blaming it on staff shortage. I don’t think so! Not when you have thousands of people in the country unemployed.

Looks like Delta is feeling the wrath of We the People, who are fed up with all the bullshit and are now turning the tables on these cancel-culture morons. And all this on the heels of President Trump’s request for a full and unrelenting boycott of these corporations, who have no business acting as political activists. The same fate waits  Major League Baseball and Coca Cola, among others, who blindly denounced Georgia without an ounce of research. Here’s more with Martin Brodel.

Time To Boycott Walmart

#boycottmalmart explodes on Twitter as this vile corporation insults the 74 million Americans who voted for President Donald Trump. Walmart is trying to blame everything on a rambunctious employee, but too late: You berate us, then we boycott you. Simple as that and we’ll stay away until you make it clear that you’ve cleaned up your sorry drivel! More from Dr. Steve Turley.


Boycotts Work

Tired of being censored by Leftists? The ordinary citizen doesn’t have to put up with this crap. We should follow the advice of Mike Cernovich, and join together to boycott any and all advertisers who support Leftist censorship. Here, Cernovich explains on The Milo Show with Milo Yiannopoulos.

We’ll attest to the success of this strategy. Last fall, Campbell Soup pushed the Leftist line, and so we joined other conservatives and Christians who have stopped eating the company’s lousy, rotten soup. In the months since, the price of Campbell Soup stock has fallen nearly 25 percent and now stands around $42. Good to see Campbell’s shareholders getting roughed up for spouting Bolshevik propaganda.

Youth Accuses NFL of Treason

Cole McCafferty, 12, is an American schoolboy from Philadelphia. He drew attention to himself during the 2016 presidential campaign by actively campaigning for Donald Trump, despite the condemnation of peers and residents of the city, who, in general, supported Hillary Clinton. Now, he’s accusing the National Football League of treason.

We’ll say this: Boycott ’em, every one of those rich bastards finding fault with the United States and badmouthing our people or our heritage. If the NFL players are so upset they can’t salute the flag, get out of here now, you spoiled brats! We don’t need you bums around!

If the owners are going to baby these whiners, then time they are punished and taxed as fully as everyone else. No more free rides for outfits that denigrate the sacrifices made by US veterans and servicemen. The NFL can disappear, for all we care, or better yet, be replaced by a league that’s more in tune with, and supportive of, the public.



Walmart Hatred

On Black Friday, a timely day to resurrect this episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit, defending Walmart against the political stooges, unions, anti-capitalists, competitors and Left-leaning activists aligned against the retail chain.

This is one of the best takedowns ever of Robert Greenwald, the lockstep propagandist masquerading as a documentary filmmaker, who created Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price, among other works. Greenwald assails Walmart for opposing unions, but as Penn & Teller note, he’s never used union crews on his low-budget, agitprop movies. It brings to mind what William F. Buckley once told a detractor, “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.” (Caution: NSFW, owing to language and nudity) H/T iOwntheWorld

UPDATE: A nationwide boycott against Walmart fizzled out today. Shoppers came out in droves, and as few as 50 Walmart employees — out of a workforce of 1.3 million — staged walkouts. A union-backed group, Our Walmart, was leading the fight and garnered plenty of media coverage, but apparently its support was all Astro-Turf.

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