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Americans Finally Waking Up

Bill O’Reilly thinks Americans finally are realizing one of the worst mistakes in U.S. history: giving power to the progressive, Democrat Party. He says Nancy Pelosi’s decision to stop legislation that would pack the Supreme Court is proof that even she knows Americans are waking up to the Left’s radical plans.

But Glenn Beck isn’t so sure. Are Americans really waking up to the dangers of the far Left? Join O’Reilly and Beck in their analysis of the issue.

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100 Corporations Push Fascism

A hundred corporations are seeking to subvert state voting laws and institute fascism. The corporations held a conference call, by phone, to discuss ways they can try to subvert and overturn new voting laws by states aimed at curbing the wanton corruption we saw happening in the 2020 presidential election.

It’s time for all of us who want fair elections to remind these corporations that we do not appreciate nor support their fascism. The best way to do that: Boycott their products. Support their competitors.

Who are these buzzards? Some are quite predictable, like Delta Airlines, Coca Cola or Nike, whose CEO collects Satanic art. But there are many new outfits getting dragged into this fray, including Major League Baseball, which is laughably now copying the same kinds of Leftist meddling causing NFL and NBA attendance to completely crater.

Here, Styxhexenhammer666 addresses the problem and gives us some ideas to help solve it. He says, “It’s hand in hand with big tech censorship and multinational bureaus and heads influencing our system. Lemmings suddenly think billionaires act in the public interest.” Here’s a link to learn more:

We The People Stick It to Delta

It appears that many Americans didn’t take too kindly to Delta Airlines joining a number of corporations boycotting Georgia’s voter ID law. Delta announced that it canceled more than 100 flights on Sunday, blaming it on staff shortage. I don’t think so! Not when you have thousands of people in the country unemployed.

Looks like Delta is feeling the wrath of We the People, who are fed up with all the bullshit and are now turning the tables on these cancel-culture morons. And all this on the heels of President Trump’s request for a full and unrelenting boycott of these corporations, who have no business acting as political activists. The same fate waits  Major League Baseball and Coca Cola, among others, who blindly denounced Georgia without an ounce of research. Here’s more with Martin Brodel.

We Gotta Be Less White

Mississippi crooner Buddy Brown introduces his new song, ribbing Coca Cola’s insane new cultural sensitivity training sessions encouraging their employees to be less white. Can you imagine the uproar if they told employees to be less black, brown, red or yellow? We’re not sure Pepsi is the answer, maybe Dr. Pepper.


Paint Like A Coke Employee

You, too, can paint like a Coca Cola employee. Here’s a handy lesson from John Ross. More from John Burke.

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The Muppets Deemed Raaacist!

The Walt Disney Corporation is now charging the Muppets with ra-a-a-cism. But this comes as Coca Cola Company is attacking whites! Even The Simpsons are getting into this sordid Leftist act. When will it end? More from Mark Dice.


Is It the Real Thing?

Georgia antique dealer Cliff Kluge says he may have stumbled onto Coke’s secret recipe after he bought a box of old papers at the estate auction of a famous Georgia chemist. Kluge thinks the document is the real article and intends to sell it for up to $15 million. However, not everyone is convinced, and Coca Cola’s representatives say it is probably a recipe for an imitation cola drink.

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