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Only Idiots Don’t Go To College

Here’s why you should definitely go to college! More from Awaken with JP.

Conservative Yoga Enthusiasts!

This is what it is like when yogis turn conservative…More from Awaken with JP.

Now, They’re Against You?

Has the government turned against you? More from Awaken with JP and We Lie To You News.


Hollywood In 1950s Vs. Now!

What Hollywood was like in the 1950’s vs now…More from Awaken with JP.

This Guy Believed Joe Biden

This is the guy who bought into Biden’s recent speech. More from Awaken with JP.

Patriotic Pills

Here is what Liberals think Conservative companies are like! More from Awaken with JP.

Raising A Non-Gendered Child

Here are the top 5 ways to raise a non-gendered child! More from Awaken with JP.

I Changed My Mind About Evil

I changed my mind about Evil… Here’s why.More from AwakenwithJP.

Compliments To Your Wife! Not!

Here is how to NOT give compliments to your wife…More from Awaken with JP.

Waking Up From Coma In 2022

Imagine you woke up from a 19 year coma and it’s the year 2022…More from Awaken with JP.

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