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Gene Decode Major Intel

Gene Decode tells Patriot Dave that some of what our history books taught us about Adolf Hitler and the atrocities that befell the Jewish people was basically fake news.

Decode suggests the Jews who were allegedly massacred by Germany in World War II, were mostly from the Khazarian race, who infiltrated the Holy Land after being tossed out of the steppes of Central Asia before World War II. He says the Khazarians were non-terrestrials from the planets Ariana (Arians) and Na (Nazis), in the Scionist constellation. Decode says further evidence that the Jewish massacre was exaggerated comes from a book titled Other Losses, by James Bacque, which shockingly reveals the mass graves shown in Auschwitz and Dachau at the end of World War II were actually German prisoners of war who had been kept in France.

Hitler, as we’ve recently have come to know, escaped war-torn Europe following the war with his wife, Eva Braun, and relocated to Argentina. What we didn’t know was his mode of escape, which was on one of 390 submarines that Germany hid in one of its DUMBs. Decode says the subs were seen traveling through Chile and Brazil on their way to Base 211 in Antarctica and onto Argentina. He says Hitler lived there for many years and died when hit by a car during a Mardi Gras-type festival. Here’s the rest of the story and more intel from Decode, courtesy of Gerry 67. As always, please use your own discernment when viewing the material.

Democrats Roll Back Progress

The Democratss are showing their true colors now more than ever, racism, segregation, violations of the Equal Employment Act. More from RedPill78.

Dr. Jim Meehan and Clay Clark return to SGT Report to expose who “they” are — Zionists, Jews, Jesuits, Satanists; regardless of the names they hide behind, “they” compromise the international criminal cabal and “they” are the enemies of humanity. Their roster includes such sinister and unmitigated thugs as Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates.

There is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed. This is God’s plan vs. The Enemy. We are made in the mage of God. This jab is meant to change that. Pray! More from And We Know.

Waterfall Of Proofs Coming

Big crowds gathering. What happens when too many people don’t buy what they are selling? What happens when too many people wake up? What happens when they lose control of the digital battlefield? The enemy is retreating and now in survival mode. Together we win! Pray! More from And We Know.

Jordan Sather is among the invited guests at the For God And Country Patriot Roundup, happening this coming Memorial Day weekend in Dallas, Texas. Scheduled speakers not only include General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood but also alternative media speakers like Sather and the crew from RedPill78. Here, Sather interviews the organizers of the extravaganza and offers insights on what to expect.

Facebook removes Jerusalem Prayer Team page after it becomes a target of antisemitic propaganda. Who’s to blame? Not the haters, according to Facebook. It’s the founder of the Prayer Team! Let’s look at what’s happening in Israel and how Big Tech and Biden are reacting. Welcome to a new era of hate toward Christians and Jews, presided over by Big Tech and their ally in their White House — Joe Biden. More from Lori Colley.

Let Religious Freedom Ring

The United States Supreme Court fired a salvo for religious freedom and delivered a major blow to surly New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. SCOTUS on Thanksgiving Eve blocked Gov. Cuomo from reimposing strict attendance caps at worship services in areas hit hard by the novel coronavirus.

The decision, rendered near midnight, gave those who wish to gather and practice their religion during the pandemic a huge victory. The case reached the high court following a joint lawsuit filed by Christian and Jewish groups in New York City. It also hinted where recently confirmed Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett might stand on future cases. Barrett sided with the conservative branch of the court–Justices Samuel Alito, Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas. Meanwhile, despite being devout Roman Catholic, Chief Justice John Roberts, who was appointed to the court by President George W. Bush, again voted with the liberal wing. Here more from Fox News.


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All Aboard The Trump Train

While Sleepy Joe Biden campaigns to crowds that you can literally count on your fingers and toes and Donald Trump still courting thousands, are there still undecided voters to convert for the President as election day approaches?

The consensus on the “Right Angle” panel of Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green says that there are several segments of the electorate to target, such as Evangelicals who bristle at his manners but love his court nominees, Jews who bridle at his attacks on liberals and the media, but love his embrace of Israel or undecided Latino women and Black men.

Says Ott, “It has been my ongoing conviction that most people have not rejected conservative ideas, they’ve never heard them. And don’t expect the mainstream media to be introducing those ideas as one of two viable options for you to believe.” Here’s more analysis on the Bill Whittle Channel.

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Who Is The Cabal?

In this 17 part series, the Cabal will be fully exposed. As time is running out, we will upload one part every week. Research and script are done… for all 17 parts. Only the editing is left. Therefore, one part per week. This Sequel is not about Q, nor Trump. It is about the Cabal. It will give you info that will blow you off your socks. Crime, murder, money laundering, cartels, high treason, all of which under your noise… Meet the Cabal. Next week: part 2. More from FallCabal.


Social Justice Isn’t Justice

You’ll see a lot of references to justice in the Bible, but you’ll never see the word “social” precede it. Why? Because social justice is a new cause that postdates the Bible. Social justice is not justice. Justice is getting what you deserve without favor. Social justice is getting what you don’t deserve because you’re favored. So if social justice is not a biblical concept, why do many churches and synagogues promote it? Because many Christians and Jews no longer regard biblical principles as binding. And, unfortunately, because leftism has superceded the Bible in many houses of worship. Allie Beth Stuckey, host of “Relatable” on BlazeTV, takes a fresh look at this important issue on PragerU.

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How are we ever going to stop Covid-19? Yes, sad to say, we’re in this together! More from Paul Joseph Watson.

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Who would have known? As some cities and states are enforcing requirements that people wear masks when they go out in public, one man in San Diego donned what appeared to be a KKK mask to go shopping at a neighborhood grocery. Mark Dice also covers the latest Trump blast by CNN’s Don Lemon, one of the biggest nitwit anchors on any news network nowadays. How’s that for alliteration?

PragerU says the mainstream media’s obsession with the coronavirus shutdown reflects the preponderance of the media in New York City. Roughly half of the nation’s coronavirus deaths have involved patients in New York or its surrounding states, including New Jersey and Connecticut.  Would the NYC-based media have advocated for a nationwide shutdown due to an outbreak in Idaho or Montana?

Bill De Blasio is targeting the Jews. Liberty Doll says de Blasio’s coronavirus response gets worse and worse, this time publicly targeting the Jewish community.

It’s The One And Only Roseanne

From Hollywood: Not the Kardashians! Instead, it’s Rosenne Barr joining McAllister TV for a robust discussion of Jewish roots and beliefs.

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Strange Virginia Beach Timing

Destroying the Illusion examines the mass shooting at Virginia Beach, happening within a day of new gun control messages delivered by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. You almost might think they had advance notice of when another shootout would occur. Also, Jordan Sather reacts to the Sean Hannity special program “Deep State Reckoning.” Finally, the History Channel has a new UFO program.

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McAllisterTV uncovers a 1976 presidential candidate, Ernest Miller, who ran on an independent campaign to defeat the Illuminati and save the American Republic. Miller visited many states but collected  less than 1 percent of the vote in the election, won by Jimmy Carter over Gerald Ford. Also here, we get a look at Albert Pike and his plan for a third World War that would pit the Muslims against the Jews, and leave Christians and atheists bowing down to the Satanists. The truth will be ugly!

Oh yeah, this happened, they say. Croww777 returns to SGTReport to discuss NASA, the occult and the official lies of the Deep State.

Was Paul Combetta, the computer specialist who deleted Hillary Clinton’s emails, raided last night? Mueller and Weissmann are caught withholding evidence from Gen. Flynn. Andrew McCabe getting nervous. Also, there has been a possible Ebola connection to downed Cessna off Florida coast. More from RedPill78.

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