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Cannibalism For Climate Change

You will eat ze man-flesh! More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Eat Ze Bugs

The Lancet has declared that now is the time for a ‘Great Transition’ of society to focus on ‘Planetary Health.’ Prince Charles ALSO calling for a “fundamental transition” at COP26. But what is this “Great Transition,” or “Planetary Health?” And what does it have to do with food freedom? Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

Not My New Normal

Are the globalists trying to sabotage our food supply? Do they want us to eat insects? We can always tell them: Go screw! More from Jamie Dlux.

The Dragon Bloodlines?

What are the Dragon bloodlines? Do Rep_Tilians rule the Earth? McAllister TV dives into the deep end, where most political commentators refuse to go.

Learn about the three main races of lizards. The biggest of these, the gray men, occupy the methane-drenched recesses deep inside the Earth. Key to the lizards: The proboscis that extends from their faces.

Also, we hear about body snatching and vril drones.

When Insects First Flew

Insects were the first animals able to fly and they did it best. That’s because evolution works with what it has and the fact that body structures don’t crop up very often. This development by insects was so unusual that scientists are still working on–and arguing about–how and when insect wings first came about. Hallie Moore fills in the details in this episode of PBS Eons.

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I’m Not Eating Bugs

Experts keep saying we’ll all have to start eating bugs as the world’s population grows. F off. Or so says, Paul Joseph Watson, who swears up and down: I’m not eating bugs!

Is This Our Future?

Picture a gourmet meal in the future. How many maggots can you swallow? That’s right, scientists who study bugs are thinking harder about how to turn them into good food. So now they are dangling new specialties like maggot sausage and insect ice cream. More from Computing Forever.

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The Age of Giant Insects

Although we call our time the Age of Mammals, we should call it the Age of Insects, because there are way more of them than there are of us. But we like to think we’re in charge because we’re bigger. Fact is, insects and other arthropods weren’t always so small. About 315 million years ago, during the Carboniferous Period, they were not only abundant but enormous. PBS Eons host Kallie Moore tells us their story.

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Beware the RoboRoaches!

Scientists have figured out a way to actually control a live cockroach. This sort of “brain tapping” into an autonomous animal has triggered a huge ethical debate, leading D News to ask: Are we going too far?

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Up Next? Maggot Burgers

Have you ever considered having caterpillars or termites for dinner? Insects may be repulsive to the average Westerner but the squishy insides of the critter’s crunchy exoskeleton are rich in proteins, and also provide several other health benefits for humans.

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