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Powell Releases New Kraken

Sidney Powell released another bombshell on the Rush Limbaugh Show, regarding foreign interference in the Presidential election. She says her team has obtained an affidavit from a cyber warfare person that shows the diagram of all foreign attacks on election night, when Dominion Software left its voting machines open and unencrypted and vulnerable to interference.

Powell says her team has witnesses who documented that the voting system was connected to the Internet, a charge Dominion vehemently denies. She says packets of information went to Serbia, Liechtenstein, Spain, Venezuela, China and Hong Kong. “There was traffic all over our voting system that was supposed to be self-contained, not accessible on the Internet at all.” Powell explains further in the Rush Limbaugh Show interview, provided by Doug Tennapel.

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Dissecting A Voting Machine

As the Trump Legal Team continues to fight voter fraud, specifically irregularities with Dominion Software machines, Brian Varner, a special projects researcher and cyber security specialist at Symantec, demonstrates just how vulnerable some of our digital election infrastructure really is.

Varner bought two voting machines from an online auction site for less than $200, which were last used in state and federal elections in 2012 and 2013. What vulnerabilities he found is astounding. Elections are under assault across the globe and well-resourced, malicious cyber actors have tampered with our elections, whether it’s hacking voting machines or waging information warfare through social media. Here’s more with Varner.

Dominion Corruption Growing

There is more evidence that Dominion Software and its subsidiaries flipped hundreds of thousands of votes from President Trump to Joe Biden in the recent general election. Trump went a bit further in a recent tweet, claiming that Dominion deleted 2.7 million of his votes nationwide. He said 941,000 Trump votes were deleted in Pennsylvania alone and another 221,000 switched to Biden.

Beyond the Noise host David Zhang is also reporting that Dominion is heavily tied to the Democrat Party, including associations with Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Sen. Diane Feinstein and the Clinton Foundation. He adds that according to conservative media, 96 percent Dominion employees donated to the Democrat Party. Only $86 has been contributed to Republicans in the last six years. Here’s more on this development from Zhang.

Minnesota Medusa Strikes Again

Ilhan Omar, aka the Minnesota Medusa, has again been stricken by diarrhea of the mouth. In an interview with the Washington Post, Omar unleashed a tidal wave of garbage, charging that the radicalization of white men continues in America and again referring to President Trump’s pre-election campaign as Klan rallies.

Simply disgusting for perhaps the most corrupt member of Congress for conducting the most extensive spree of state and federal felonies. We’re talking perjury, marriage fraud, state and federal tax fraud, and student loan fraud. And if that wasn’t enough, her blood brother was complicit in most of the charges.

Says Salty Cracker, “If we were all Klan members, you would know it. Hey, you dumb bitch, maybe you didn’t see all the Black people wearing MAGA gear, maybe you didn’t see all the Latinos, the Hispanics, the gay people, the Asians. Maybe you didn’t see that the MAGA population is way more diverse than all of those angry white bitches that you have in Antifa and BLM.”

Salty says there’s no way in hell that Omar, whom he’s labels “brother fucker extraordinaire,” was elected legitimately and the courts must investigate the Dominion software with a fine-toothed comb to get to the bottom of the fraud. “This chick has come into this country, most likely through marriage fraud, and that’s why she has a marriage certificate, and now divorce papers, with her brother. Every time we call her brother fucker, what we are pointing out is that she is a criminal.” Here’s more with a hyped-up Salty Cracker.

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