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She Made It To The Fence

Kamala Harris reaches The Fence, and in an instant, she’s transformed to the White House. Former President Donald Trump is dancing. Anthony Fauci looks like Mini Me in a cage. Darth Vader even makes a cameo appearance. It’s a wonderful sight that will lift the almighty brains of so-many Democrats and leftists. More from The United Spot.


When Does A Bird Sing?

The patriots have but Biden on display for the world to see. We are now witnessing March madness. Election laws are changing and Trump is preparing to return to the stage. The public will soon know the truth.  11.4 is actionable. The outer fence around DC will be removed. Trump preparing to unveil his new social media site. More from the X22 Report.

HBO releases a new documentary on the Q movement. For a movement so often reviled, it sure receives an enormous amount of press. Also in this new edition of Jordan Sather’s Accordin’ To Jordan, we get: A look at Trump’s agenda, what’s up with Ric Grenell. worldwide protests in support of freedom and more about space aliens, focusing on former Director of National Intelligence John Racliffe’s Fox interview.

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