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The Bird Is Freed

Elon Musk consummates his deal to gain control over Twitter, He says he now will work to make it profitable as well as to end the rabid censorship the leftists had been enforcing.

Many are celebrating the takeover, viewing it as a potential breakthrough for freedom. Hopefully, this will stand as a signal to America’s other social media companies that they need to clean up their acts. Cue up, Rockin’ Robin. More from And We Know.

And We Know performs double-duty with a second video today honoring Kari Lake, Lara Logan and others who have courageously stepped forward to preserve our freedoms while punishing those guilty of gross excesses. What gross excess?

Is there anything more heinous than the sacrificing of children to prolong the lives of decrepit old bastards?

Can Anybody Beat Trump?

With the presidential election a mere nine months away and with the growing popularity of President Trump, can anybody beat him? Take a quick glance at the Democrat field of candidates and the answer is an overwhemling NO! The former star of “The West Wing” and Democrat Kool-Aid drinker Richard Schiff debates Republican political consultant Frank Luntz on the merits of President Trump on “Good Morning Britain,” with host Piers Morgan.

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Kamala Harris Destroyed

Kamala Harris DESTROYED, Democrats Are So DESPERATE They Call Tulsi Gabbard a Russian Puppet. They have nothing to go on. Their policies are unpopular so what do they do? Flounder. More from Tim Pool.

Pollster Frank Luntz breaks down the most noteworthy moments from both nights of the second Democratic presidential debate. These Democrats are pushing the envelope as radical Leftists. They no longer are trying to camouflage just how insane they are! More from Fox News.

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No Blue Wave in Senate

Pundits and the media will be in for a big surprise on November 6 when Republicans make huge gains in the U.S. Senate. James Allsup projects Republicans will take a 55-45 advantage in the Senate, winning four seats now held by Democrats: in Florida, Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota. The one close shot he believes the GOP will miss: Montana, where he gives Sen. Jon Tester a narrow shot to retain his seat.

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Dick Morris expects the results of the midterms will be “right, tight, tight.” He cites polls showing 18 current House races within two cent or less. In other words, there could be a lot of contested races and recounts, meaning it might take quite a while for us to know what has actually happened.

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We are officially a week away from the midterm elections, with the polling still inconsistent, Bill O’Reilly interviews Republican Pollster Frank Luntz to get his take on the trends he is seeing as of now, as well as what he expects the outcome to be of the midterms. Plus, hear who Mr. Luntz expects to be the most motivated group of voters this election.

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Yes, Socialists Are This Stupid

Why do so many adults like socialism? Are they really that stupid?

Well, Sean Penn certainly proves as much, with his many endorsements of creepy Venezuela’s socialist government.

Of course, Penn isn’t talking so much now that everyone in Venezuela is starving and trying to flee the once-rich nation, now completely destitute. Here, pollster Frank Luntz explains to John Stossel what he has found out in America’s changing attitudes toward socialism.

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U.S. Youth Prefer Socialism

A recent poll by the Pew Research Center revealed that 49 percent of Americans age 18-29 preferred socialism over capitalism, a bad omen going forward for the greatest country on the planet. Independent pollster Frank Luntz tells John Stossel that abandoning our free-market system would be the end our economic freedom as we know it. He illustrates his point with his focus-group studies of the seemingly vulnerable youth of America and their compassion for socialism in this edition of LibertyPen.

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Poll Says Legal Weed Inevitable

A CBS poll conducted by political consultant and noted pollster Frank Luntz reveals there is a major shift in the sentiment toward legalizing marijuana. The poll showed that 54 percent said pot should be legal, up from 41 percent in 2010. And an eye-popping 75 percent feel that smoking pot will eventually become law soon. Luntz leads an animated focus group of 25 as they debate the issue on CBS This Morning.

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