Soros Targets Radio Freedom

Glenn Beck has warned about the heavily funded, far-left efforts of George Soros for years. Now, Soros’ latest move is an attempt to suppress free speech on radio.

Mike Gonzalez, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, tells Beck that Soros is trying to help purchase 18 Spanish-language radio stations throughout the country, because the inroads conservatives are making with Spanish-speaking voters is causing the far-left to panic. Here’s his report.

Deep State Global Chessboard

Former Assistant HUD Secretary and Wall Street Dillon Read & Co. Partner Catherine Austin Fitts returns to the Dark Journalist Show and reveals how the Central Bankers and the Deep State have implemented a worldwide surveillance and tracking infrastructure to harvest humanity. Faced with rising food shortages, skyrocketing inflation, government efforts to silence free speech, and the destruction of culture in the US and abroad, she outlines a potential road back to constitutional principles in governance. More from Daniel Liszt, The Dark Journalist.

Durham Ready To Expose It All

John Durham has started the trial today with jury selection. He is now in position to expose it all. Elon Musk traps Twitter. No matter which way they turn, it’s bad for them. We have been cruising at 40,000 ft for a while now. Prepare for landing.

Trump and the patriots are bringing the full strength of the storm to the [Deep State]. As the storm approaches, the [Deep State] will be struggling to distract from what is really going on. This will not work. The truth has a bull horn and it will not be stopped. More from the X22 Report.

The Eclipse Interview

Gigi Young joins the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for a discussion on Mars, Elon Musk, Nazis and the UFO File. They get into Stargate and mystery school concepts as well as how the Greys have started to mix in human DNA to save themselves from extinction. This turns toward a discussion of transhumanism and the obsession with DNA and genetics.

Deep State Will Cheat, Or Lose

On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle says we are in the final stretch of The Great Awakening. The Deep State is backed into the proverbial corner and the only way to escape is to cheat. He explains further, plus gets into more breaking news.

Twitter Buy=China Win?

The announcement that Elon Musk has reached a deal to buy Twitter immediately drew speculation that his business interests in China could present a conflict of interest in his quest to make seek a more free speech platform.

In this episode of China Uncensored, host Chris Chappell looks at what Musk’s business interests in China are, what Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has to say about the deal, as well as how other billionaires with social media platforms are connected with China.

The Twitter Meltdown Factory

Elon Musk sings to the liberals having hissy fits over the new freedom of speech being allowed at Twitter. These liberals are unrepentant censors at heart! More from The United Spot.


Of course, this older creation still packs a punch. It’s called Billy Wonka and The Vaccine Factory, and positions Bill gates as the dippy head of the factory. More from Society27.

Senate Showdown

The Democrats plan to make Elon Musk testify before a U.S. Senate committee on his purchase of Twitter. More from The Salty Cracker.

What’s Behind The Curtain?

The exuberance on Twitter was prominent just a few hours after Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter was announced. Conservatives who had been banned began returning, and many tweeted the same messages that got them ousted in the first place–things like:

Trans swimmer Lia Thomas is a guy
Men can’t get pregnant
Abortion is not health care
There are only two genders
2020 Election was rigged
Ivermectin works
Cloth masks don’t work

On the other side, there were threats of leaving Twitter and cries that Democracy has ended. A New York Times editorial board member predicted Twitter will be a “scary place and far more toxic” under Elon Musk.

There are people who must be very nervous right now that their secrets will be exposed. Let’s look at the ramifications. More from Lori Colley.

Mouthy Buddha notes how scores leftists lost followers in the days immediately after the sale while conservatives across the board gained thousands uponnthousands of new followers. Obviously, the left-leaning management at Twitter had been playing games, not only shadow banning conservatives, but in many cases, banning them completely. Soon, we will see how this all shakes out. In the meantime, Mouthy Buddha says the country is becoming more free, even as the leftists wail over their loss of censorship opportunities.


A Thermonuclear Meltdown

Elon Musk has sparked a thermonuclear meltdown with his purchase of Twitter. The truth of the matter: The crying Leftists made this bed and now they have to lie in it. RazorFist explains.