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Pence Busted For Docs

Another politician has now been tied to taking classified documents home — former Vice President Mike Pence. About a dozen documents were retrieved from his home in Indiana. CNN broke the news.

This comes as we are starting to learn the Biden Crime Family business deals were linked to classified documents in the possession of Joe Biden. In other words, we’re now seeing how politicians are becoming super-rich — by trading in the secrets of the United States.

How many others have followed in the footsteps of Hunter and Joe Biden? Are members of both parties dirty as Hell, or have there been any honest politicians we can trust? More from RedPill78.

Mike Pence is busted with confidential documents after dunking on Trump.

Karine Jean-Pierre reacts to questions from the media, who resorts to pleading with her for answers. Merrick Garland is asked questions about all the confidential document problems.

Kevin McCarthy talks about impeachment in the face of the document dilemma around America. Adam Schiff is nominated to intelligence, prompting a fight with McCarthy. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire, on Watching the Watchers.

U.S. Senate Passes TikTok Ban

Senators Josh Hawley and Marco Rubio celebrate the Senate passing a bill to ban TikTok in the government. The White House refuses to comment, and Pelosi says she’ll check with the White House.

#TikTok #Ban #WhiteHouse

Indiana SUES “Malicious” TikTok for corrupting American Children. Kristi Noem bans the app and limits foreign purchases of farmland. Texas’ Greg Abbott urges more legislation.

#BanTikTok #Indiana #Texas

The House Intelligence Committee release an UNCLASSIFIED report on the origin of the pandemic, saying there may be connections to the Chinese Bioweapons program. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Poison With Care

Jamie Dlux revisits the sad story of Ryan White, a 13-year-old from Kokomo, Indiana, who contracted AIDs in 1984 after being given a blood transfusion. What was supposed to be a routine transfusion became a death sentence and led to White battling to stay in school.

Sex Junk Nightmare

You might think a threesome sounds hot, but you never know just how strange they can turn. Here’s an “imperfect” example from Evansville, Indiana, where a 36-year-old woman, Heidi Kathleen Carter, invited a couple into her home for a menage a trois.

It turned into a torturous bout, ending with murder.  The incident reached its crescendo when Carter’s boyfriend, Carey Hammond, came home, saw what had been happening, and got “angry.” Hammond was so angry he pulverized the male victim, beating him to death with a baseball bat. The female victim also was beaten, raped and hospitalized, but apparently did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

More from The Salty Cracker.

Indiana Schools Pushing Porn

This is the condensed version of every speaker who spoke earlier this week during the Carmel Clay School Board meeting from Carmel, an Indianapolis, Indiana, suburb. Warning: The materials from the books they are reading are explicit and these books are readily available in the Carmel Clay Schools. Share with your fellow parents since a great majority of parents have no idea that obscene materials of this nature are in front of their minor children.

Books read include: 1. Call Me Max 2. l8r, g8r 3. It’s Perfectly Normal 4. doing it right 5. Crank 6. the infinite moment of us

The questions we have: Why are the schools teaching pornography? Why are the board members so hostile and fascist in supporting this pornography? Are schools in your neighborhood using these same books in classrooms? You owe it to your children to find out. More from Unify Carmel.

A full version can be found here: https://youtu.be/-r8zod12gyo


Trump Won By A Landslide

The [Deep State] is scrambling for the fallout. The patriots have already won, Trump won in a landslide and now he is patiently waiting for the outcome. He knows the [Deep State] cheated. He allowed it to happen for the world to see. What we are witnessing is pain being delivered to the [Deep State]/fake news and the corrupt politicians slowly. When this is all done, these people will not be able to walk down the streets. The people are rising up. The people are awake. This is the [Deep State’s] biggest fear. Victorious warriors win first and then go to war. Trump won by a landslide. Reconcile. More from the X22 Report.

On the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, we take a moment of silence for those just shot in the drive-by in George Floyd Square. We also examine a potential near death experience at an abortion clinic in Indiana and examine life under the Biden Admin. For Hunter, it’s pretty sweet! More from RedPill78.

American Socialism: A Disaster

Newly elected US Rep. Victoria Spartz, R-Indiana, offers her own perspective on the blistering failures of socialism. Spartz knows full-well of what she speaks. She is a native of the Ukraine and has seen what happens when a socialist government bankrupts an economy, leaving it high and dry, with nowhere to turn. More from the Next News Network.

The Big Yang Theory

First results from a universal basic income (UBI) study in Stockton, California, shows that free money makes people happy, and that they spend most of it on basic needs like food and utilities, rather than on drugs, alcohol or gambling. Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs wants his $500 per month stipend experiment done statewide. Do these early results in a small-scale study bolster Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s White House run as he campaigns on a nationwide $1000 per month UBI plan? More from Bill Whittle and Scott Ott.

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Elsewhere among Democratic Presidential hopefuls, we see the breakout of a common Liberal affliction: Leftists eating their own. Here, the South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg rips into U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke over stripping churches of their tax-exempt status. Sen. Elizabeth Warren also defended these churches. Wonder if Warren and Buttigieg coud be a 2020 ticket? More from Ovation Eddie.

We close with Mark Dice’s latest video, The Circus Returns to Town, focusing on this week’s Democratic debate in Ohio. Billionaire donor Tom Steyer appeared for the first time in the debate cycle — he bought his way on stage. Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, joined Edward Yang in pushing universal guaranteed income, i.e., free money. Yes, we all love free money!

How to Run Against Socialism

Dick Morris outlines his ideas on how best to run against socialism. This will become a more heated debate if Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont or one of his Socialist allies in Congress wins the Democratic nomination for president in 2020. And even if Sanders isn’t their nominee, it’s apparent the Democrats will be pushing his vision of a more controlling and socialistic government. In other words, anyone sane should oppose these low-life skunks.

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Wayne Allyn Root and guest commentator Bill O’Reilly mix it up over Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, running for President. Root argues it’s too big of a jump to go from a small city mayor to US president.  O’Reilly counters that at least Buttigieg can claim some accomplishments, unlike many of the US senators running who have done little to nothing in office. More from Newsmax TV.

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