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Who Are We, Really?

The Bible, along with several other religious and spiritual texts, proclaim we were created in the image of God. But do we really hold the divine spark of genius inside of us? If so, what happened?

Inspired’s Jean Nolan says the avalanche of negative and destructive influences on our lives is seemingly endless, but we are still awakening to our true potential on a never-before-seen scale. “Once we get rid of what’s keeping us controlled and enslaved, we liberate the true potential we hold within us,” he says. He explains further.

Truth Is Coming To Light

Inspired’s Jean Nolan welcomes Frank Jacob to the podcast to discern what is truth and what are lies. Could a positive energy window be opening to bring the truth to light?

Jacob posits that a lot of “cool” information is happening, the kind that would set the alternative community ablaze, but a large part of the population are still being gaslighted by lies. Who are the culprits? Here’s more with Jacob and Nolan.

MAGA: The Party Of Truth

Inspired’s Jean Nolan believes we are witnessing a significant change in our political system today. He says it used to be Democrats and Republicans, which was basically a uniparty with the same agendas.

Nolan says that has changed! “We have a third party that is based within a party and that third party is actually based on a quest for truth,” he says. “People call it MAGA, I call it the truth movement.” He explains further.

Is It All An AI Psyop?

Frank Jacob speculates on whether we have entered the era of dominance by artificial intelligence and forwards the notion that our existence has, in fact, has been an AI psyop all along.

He discusses the connection between AI and transhumanism, timelines and touches on the narrative of synthetic Christ consciousness. Here’s more with Jacob on the Inspired podcast, with host Jean Nolan.

Our Baseline Reality Shift

Are we experiencing a baseline reality shift? Inspired’s Jean Nolan says that while we’ve believed in mankind’s created systems about everything for ages, we now have reached a point of critical mass and have begun to question everything.

“People are questioning the very baseline of our reality–everything we’ve believed about who we are, where we came from, what our history is, who is really in power, even the plane we live in,” Nolan says. “This is what I call the baseline reality shift.” He digs into the details in this episode of Inspired.

Are We The Chosen Ones?

Frank Jacob, researcher, author and freedom fighter, ponders whether the human race is special, the chosen ones created by a creator, or are we just rocks and atoms that happened to collide in an infinity based universe model put forward by atheists.

Jacob joins the Inspired podcast, with host Jean Nolan, to discuss some major support we’re experiencing, as well as the geocentric versus the heliocentric model and  why we might have to start over when it comes to science.

Great Reset vs. Great Awakening

Inspired channel host Jean Nolan welcomes Frank Jacob to the podcast to discuss the Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening, including the coming social credit program for America. Here’s more.


Guardians Of Looking Glass

The mysterious anonymous group, Guardians of the Looking Glass, released a new video that is quite different and controversial from the previous ones, where they warn that events that needed to be prevented, weren’t.

“There is no time left,” the Guardians said in their interpetation of the Project Looking Glass timelines. “This does not mean there is no hope at all. But it is a great setback for the world and humanity.” So, the release begs the questions: Are the Guardians legitimate? Is this a psyop? Inspired host Jean Nolan welcomes filmmaker and researcher Frank Jacob to flesh out the details.

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