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Signs Suggest Economic Collapse

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with data mining expert Clif High. High gives us an update on future events and trends, predicting a collapse of the global economy in a matter of weeks.

He also says:

  • More audits and canvassing will show widespread irregularities in US election results, state by state.
  • More violence will erupt as Leftists, Globalists and their Antifa allies realize they are losing sway. Patriots must be careful to sidestep these eruptions.
  • We can expect huge death waves owing to fallout from the polluted vaccines. Already, morticians are telling High they are handling as many as three times more cases than usual. This number could become catastrophic by 2022, with the mortality rate possibly reaching 15 times normal numbers.



Is The State Of Israel Doomed?

With the decline of the United States and Western Europe owing to their shaky moral fiber and faltering economies, will the state of Israel come to lead the world, or is the Middle Eastern nation, in fact, doomed? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

They’ve Only Just Begun

You think Joe Biden is done destroying America? The truth is: he’s only just begun. What’s coming may well leave you broke and in perpetual slavery if you’re not prepared. More from the SGTReport.

More arrests! Suicides! The [Deep State] hatred of God’s creation is exposed. The choice to know will be yours. Among the topics covered: women’s sports, Marorie Taylor Greene, and the Equality Act. More from And We Know.

Collin Kettle is the Founder & Executive Chairman of New Found Gold. He comes from a family with deep ties to mining, including co-founding AuEx Ventures, the company responsible for discovering the Long Canyon deposit, a project ultimately acquired by Newmont for $2.3B.

Collin begins this conversation, describing how the economy is doing under [Joe Biden]. He warns the economy will most likely head into a recession or Depression. Gold and cryptos will start to rise and break out as the stimulus is pushed out into the public realm. The countdown to the implosion of fiat currency has started. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Prepare For A Dempression

Styxhexenhammer666 offers advice on how to prepare for asterisk President Joe Biden and a coming Dempression. Mainstream media propaganda is already being deployed to try and give him the illusion of a mandate. The reality is far different: We could be chasing down squirrels and feral cats to have something to eat.

The Danger Of Doom Scrolling

A new but potentially harmful fad has emerged among Internet surfers called “doom scrolling,” which mental health officials describe as an addiction to the endless cycle of negative news on social media that makes you angry and sad. They add that doom scrolling can actually cause clinical anxiety, depression and fatigue.

The conundrum is that the Internet is the greatest miracle in terms of human knowledge, yet perhaps the most dangerous thing we’ve ever invented because of what it does to people emotionally and psychologically. Says Bill Whittle, “What you get down to is that adrenalin has a power draw, more on some people than others. And I would imagine that doom scrolling is almost a low-grade kind of adrenalin addiction. You feel adrenalized when you get angry and there are some people who get addicted to this.”

Whittle is joined by colleague Scott Ott to discuss techniques to dial back the cause of doom-scrolling symptoms on the Bill Whittle Channel.

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The After Time

What happens when people are pinned up forever? How devastating is it? Do those who orchestrate the disasters even care? More from Truthstream Media.

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Women Fare Better On Virus

A doctor explains why women are outperforming men against the coronavirus. It’s a scientific explanation that Mr. Obvious cites and reflects upon.

The mass media says hospitals are overwhelmed. The reality is far different. Of course, we’ve all heard the media lie many times before. More from Lisa Haven.

Deep State Doctor. That’s the title of the latest video from Lions Republic Entertainment, calling for close monitoring of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health.

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In this informative video, Patriot Nurse discusses the impact of the shutdowns and lockdowns on the mental health of our neighbors. From Depression, domestic abuse, and the stress response to a sudden deprivation of normalcy and touch deficit.

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Evil Engulfing The Democrats

Here, TRUreporting begins to divulge the absolute evil that has engulfed the Democratic Party. To wit, this is a party whose members and whose backers — the Hollywood celebrities, fashion designers, pro atheletes, musicians and academics — all took part in sadistic parties hosted by Jeffrey Epstein. These parties not only featured sex with underage victims, but on a more disgusting level, cannibalism and child sacrifices. We fully expect many of the participants to be rounded up in the weeks ahead. Also on tap: Tensions against China are growing as it becomes clear how that nation failed to corral the coronavirus in a timely manner and also hid details of the infection in a way that hindered global efforts to thwart the disease.

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Dr. Marc Faber joins the SGTReport to discuss coronavirus and its devastating impact on the global economy.

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Although a digital dollar may sound appealing to many people, few have considered the kind of all-consuming power and authority this would give to governments and the technocratic elite. Fortunately, Luke and Tim are here to help explain the ways in which the powers that be have already begun priming the American people for this totalitarian currency control. More from We Are Change.

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Why Are The Young Unhappy?

Why are young people so unhappy and so anxious about their future? Healthcare professionals and social scientists round up the usual suspects: drug addiction, social media, cyberbullying, fear of impending demise of the planet. See anything important missing from that list? Dennis Prager does. More from PragerU.

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To Be Blunt

In Pursuit of Truth introduces us to Christoper Sign, an ABC news anchor from Alabama and author of the new book Secret On the Tarmac. This is a book exploring the secret conversation that brought together former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton. No, this was not a chance meeting. And, yes, bribes or at least offers were extended. It was not merely an informal discussion about grand kids or golf, as Lynch has attested. The audio recording likely exists, most likely in the hands of the FBI. As Q notes, “When do birds sing.” Everyone knows the answer: In the spring. So look for a hot spring and summer.

Also here: Alan Dershowitz discusses former President Barack Obama taking orders from George Soros and steering the Democratic Party to the wishes of the former Nazi. So what can you say? The Democrats aren’t Democratic! Of course, when have they ever been!

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are pushing new stories to get ahead of what is coming. This will fail. The MSM/[DS] are prepared and ready to spin the truth, but this will fail. Attorney General William Barr needed the correct optics and now we see why. The MSM/[DS] are pushing their list of “officials” who say Barr should resign. This is meaningless. This is for show. It is not a grassroots uprising of officials. The Patriots are now moving in for the kill. The attacks, the stories, the officials, the events are going to increase. It is going to be a long, hot spring and summer.More from the X22 Report.

Remember when Bill Clinton was just hanging around on the tarmac at the airport so he could jump onto Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s government plane to have a friendly conversation about golf, Brexit and their grandchildren? Well, what if I told you that a tape of that conversation exists and it’s about to be made public? Let’s take a closer look…More from RedPill78.

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Lori Colley says lots to look at with new Q. Among the items she discusses: How George Soros lorded it over the Democratic Party, even telling former President Barack Obama what to do and who to harass. Sources are saying it was Soros who called upon Obama to engage in illegal eavesdropping and spying upon US Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, whom Soros feared might be the Republican Presidential candidate in 2016. Als, here, Colley offers a summary of WINNING from last week.

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Spiro Skouras joins the SGTReport to discuss Covid-19, the viral pandemic which has ground the Chinese economy to a halt and which has the potential to crash the global economy.

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