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China Linked To Beirut Blast

I’m going to assert that the explosion in Lebanon was an act of sabotage. And that the act of sabotage was not for what you might think…Many think it was Israel trying to secure its interests, and they might have helped or even been the ones to pull it. Instead, the act of sabotage was an attempt to stop Chinese expansion, best exemplified by the Belt Road — a modern-day equivalent of the ancient Silk Road, stretching across Asia to tie into Europe.

More from radio personality Kim Iversen, whose motto we found intriguing: “I don’t ‘fall in line’ when the line leads to bullshit.” She is syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, which also handles Rush Limbaugh. Iversen did not upload this video to YouTube, after having that platform remove several of her past videos on sensitive topics. We found this work on Bitchute.


1 Iota

In Pursuit of Truth delves into the aborted assassination attempt at the White House, as well as the strange explosions and fires now being reported around the world.

Why is it taking Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice so long to bring indictments against Democratic criminals? Were suspicious tunnels discovered after the Lebanese blast?

Who are the Nuwaubians? Did this cult, whose leaders have previously faced child molestation charges, have anything to do with an explosion in Baltimore? What would they be doing in Baltimore anyway, seeing as how the cult was headquartered in Macon, Georgia? Stay tuned, friends.

On the evening of Kamala Harris’ pick as VP for Biden, Wikileaks drops a Kamala dump on the public. We examine several things related to Harris as her preferred opponent for President Trump. We learn about John Brennan’s possibly LARGE role in the Durham investigation and discuss why it’s probably dropping indictments by Labor Day. Meanwhile, a Black Lives Matter organizer in California is facing 15 years in prison for numerous felonies plus some more good news from RedPIll78!

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The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are pushing everything they have. They have fallen right into the trap that the patriots have set for them. This is all part of the plan and it had to be this way. We have more than we know. It was avoiding Plan Z at all costs and exposing the [DS] to the people. More from the X22 Report.

President Donald Trump has maintained a breakneck pace in August — dodging an assassin and restoring the jobs of American workers with the Tennessee Valley Authority by firing board members who were pushing to replace these Americans with foreign workers. We need to return President Trump for a second term, so he can clean out other federal boards and agencies, restoring this nation to its citizenry. We’ve had enough of the Communist terrorists and crooks attached to the Democratic Party. More from And We Know.

Let’s see how President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence handle hecklers and compare their “alpha” responses with the weak-kneed Democrats, like Barack Obama. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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Assange To Testify

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS! Julian Assange to testify in the Rich case. Fox News is going to get us ALL the answers. Deep dive on the Beirut bombing with retraction from yesterday and new info on what really happened. DNI Ratcliffe needs to release the docs and Update on the Flynn case with Judge Sullivan. More from RedPill78.

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The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now being caught up in their lies and they are being exposed to the American people. The swamp is being exposed to the world. Mike Pompeo is now offering 10 million for election interference. The [DS] are setting up check points, shutting off water if you do not obey and they are coming for the people’s weapons. Trump sent a message that he has a lot of enemies. They do not like what he is doing, so we won’t see him for a while. More from the X22 Report.

Trump cries wolf! Durham ain’t going to do jack. But if he does, per Sally Yates, James Comey must be first. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Beirut booms. FBI raids. Biden fails. Trump talks UFOs. Joe Rogan rags on Q followers. More from Destroying the Illusion.

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Is the Storm finally upon us? President Trump will go dark. More from JustInformed Talk.

It’s A Full Panic Attack

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are in a full panic. The Ukraine raid was activated and now all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together: Crimes against humanity, treason and sedition. The clock is ticking down and the [DS] is using everything they have, but as they do this it exposes their true plans. In Lebanon, there was an explosion and the MSM is now trying to push the fireworks narrative. What really happened? More from the X22 Report.

The cliff-hanging Leftists are losing their grip. The BAD News is really GOOD news! Stay tuned and I’ll show you why. More from Lori Colley,

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This is a story about the great [D]eceivers. More from the SGTReport.


Coronavirus Expands In Korea

Styxhexenhammer666 says the coronavirus keeps escaping efforts to contain or confine it. New cases have now been reported in Italy, Iran, Lebanon and, particularly, South Korea. The virus is spreading rapidly now in Chinese prisons.

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A coronavirus SUPERSPREADER infected more than 40 people in South Korea. This evidence indicates that coronavirus is extremely infectious. More from Mr. Obvious.

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Author Stefan Verstappen joins the SGTReport to discuss the rapid GLOBAL spread of Covid-19. And friends, this is NOT fear mongering. It’s the pragmatic reality of a contagion that is fast becoming a pandemic. The time to prepare is NOW.

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Outside of the lockdown within China, covid-19 cases are accelerating across the globe.The virus has truly jumped the defense line. It’s now a true pandemic, with countries all over the world reporting huge percent increases in the number of infected cases. We already know it has reached ‘endemic’ status in Japan and South Korea.

But overnight, new cases have been declared by the US, Italy, Iran, Lebanon, the UAE and Israel, among others. And within China, reports of patient “re-infection” are starting. We’ve been talking about the adverse metabolic response a second covid-19 can cause. Are we starting to see examples of that? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, the markets are begrudgingly waking up to the severe damage China’s broken supply chains are inflicting on world trade. How much worse will it get? Again, time will tell. More from Chris Martenson.

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World War III: A Meme War

The Meme Wars are heating up as Leftists keep dogging President Donald Trump, arguing he is igniting World War III. Wrong! What he did was kill an Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani, who had engaged in numerous terrorist activities. This is not only the general who orchestrated Benghazi, but also the attack on the US embassy in Iraq and attacks across Lebanon and Syria by Hezbollah. Here, Mr. Obvious discusses these Meme Wars.

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Funny how all the Leftist Hollywood assholes are attacking President Donald Trump. The way he dispatched Soleimani, definitely brought back memories of Indiana Jones. More from The United Spot.

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Sid Vicious?

Tokyo Delve Sushi Bar was among several businesses damaged by a fire in North Hollywood. At least two, possibly three men had been arrested outside the building. There were reports the fire originated in the attic of the sushi bar about 5 am Monday morning but that’s rather strange, because the restaurant is closed on Mondays. Could the fire had originated at another business nearby? In Pursuit of Truth delves into the possibilities.

IPOT also travels to New York to revisit another bizarre accident — a helicopter barreling into the rooftop of a building owned by Sidley Austin LLP. Who are they? A massive group of attorneys, headquartered in Chicago, Ill., and frequently used by former President Barack Obama. Hmmm!

Here’s more on the helicopter crash in NYC. This was no accident. The owner of the helicopter, Daniele Rodini, commuted into New York City via the copter, from a home in upstate New York. Bodini serves as Chairman Emeritus of American Continental Properties Group (ACP). He serves as a Member of Board of Overseers at Columbia Business School. Bodini is the ambassador of the Republic of San Marino to the United Nations, chairman of the American-Italian Cancer Foundation, chairman of the Foundation for Italian Art and Culture, and guarantor of the Italian Academy at Columbia University. More from Bill Smith, who maintains the crash was intended to cover up an Italian spy ring.

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Winning! Winning! Winning! SerialBrain2 returns to President Donald Trump’s historic visit to the United Kingdom. Here, we see how the world has been controlled over the past few centuries — Rome serving as the center for religion, London for finances and Washington D.C. for military. But President Trump is demolishing the old arrangement, working to restore our independence, not only our financial freedom, but also political. Here we see a series of tweets and interviews, decoded to give us a better understanding of what they really mean.

The US is getting ready to hold an extradition hearing for Assange. US Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, exposes the Dean hearing and puts it all out there. We have now learned that John Durham’s investigation is much broader than originally thought. Durham is investigating the following: false statements, classified leaks, falsified FISA affidavits and illegal domestic spying by the C_A. New developments in regards to North Korea.  Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was a C_A informant. Iran releases prisoner to Lebanon. Trump sends message. There are no coincidences. More from the X22 Report.

Resignations! Suicides! Suspicious deaths! More Arkancides coming! Heat up your popcorn and prepare to sit back and enjoy the show. More from McAllister TV.

DOJ letter proves the scope of the John Durham investigation covers EVERYONE, THIS IS HAPPENING!!! More strange deaths. Chopper pilot identified, and Project Veritas has another tech insider proving conservative censoring. PLUS Amash OUT of Freedom Caucus. Italy is FUMING over Spygate actions by Obummer Admin. More from RedPill78.

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Deep State Killed John Lennon

On December 8, 1980, former Beatle John Lennon was gunned down outside his home in New York. Mark David Chapman, arrested at the scene, was portrayed as a lone gunman. He said The Catcher in the Rye, a novel about youthful alienation by J. D. Salinger, was his statement. Or, at least, that’s the official story. Chapman was in Beirut, Lebanon, when the CIA ran an assassination program there. It’s well-known the agency worked to create brainwashed assassins with its MKUltra program.

Researchers believe Catcher in the Rye may have been the trigger used to set Chapman in motion. Sirhan Sirhan’s trigger was the girl in a polka dot dress. Chapman worked with Vietnamese refugees at a resettlement camp at Fort Chaffee in Arkansas following his visit to Lebanon. The program was run by World Vision. World Vision collaborated on CIA black projects. John Lennon was considered a threat to the national security state. His leftist and antiwar political views influenced millions. The national security state wasn’t about to let that happen again. From Newsbud.

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Mystery of Baalbek Monoliths

The Baalbek Monoliths feature gigantic stones so large they are beyond human comprehension as far as figuring out how they were ever moved. The monoliths appear at what later became a Roman temple to Jupiter in Lebanon, north of Damascus and east of Beirut. It’s doubtful the Romans moved the stones. They might have been moved centuries earlier by the Phoenicians.

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Trump Pulls Back!

Steven Crowder has a new episode out and reports: “We celebrate all things Japan while talking Trump/Paris Accord, covfefe, Black Lives Matter peace awards, Wonder Woman in Lebanon, sucky socialism and more!” Gov. Mike Huckabee and Ann McElhinney guest. More from Louder with Crowder.

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