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Exit The Truman Show

Dr. Dolores Cahill joins Sarah Westall to discuss the Truman Show-like elements that have been manufactured as reality for decades. Today’s students have experienced only lies and deceptions. They have not been provided the basic foundations of science, medicine, government and law, leaving them desperately ignorant without the skills to fight for their own freedom and liberties. See more of Dr. Cahill on her websites at or This is the first video in a two-part series. We will present the followup later this week.


Democrats’ Law, Order Panic

The Democrats are in a panic over law and order. It’s apparent Joe Biden has lost the lead in the 2020 Presidential race. He’s now playing catch-up with President Donald Trump. How did Trump push out ahead? By taking a serious and hard-line stand against Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other Leftist groups pushing non-stop riots and destruction in American cities.

Of course, the Democrats can’t do the same thing because these Leftists are their supporters. So the Democrats are spending $45 million in one week to mouth off about their strong positions on law and order, all while waffling about the actual culprits. Will the public buy into this display of contrition? Doubtful. But it’s a change in direction to the campaign. More from Tim Pool.

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