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Ranking The State Capitols

That’s Capitols, not Capitals. Here, the Geography King gives us his assessments of all 50 states’ Capitol buildings, and ranks them based on his architectural and design preferences. Not so shocking, but the biggest states — including New York, California and Texas — all stand out and rank quite high. They have large populations and they have spent hefty sums building lavish seats of government. But none of them come out on top.

You’ll have to watch to see which state wins, but we’ll give you a clue. Here, in alphabetical order, are the three highest-ranked state Capitols: Connecticut, Iowa and Pennsylvania. Also placing among the finalists: West Virginia, whose state Capitol has the most awesome domes!

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GOP Women At The Forefront

The Democrat Party’s talk of a great Blue Wave evaporated in a hurry, once the American electorate had its say on election night. Among the big winners were Republican women who blocked Speaker Nancy Pelosi from adding to the Democrat House majority.

A whopping 13 women will join the Republican caucus, including a stunner in Iowa, where everyday Iowan and mom Ashley Hinson upended heavily favored incumbent Abby Finkenauer. Many of the winners were veterans and minorities and all were non-incumbents. Says Hinson, “I think this is a very clear signal that this is the future of the Republican Party.” Here’s more with Hinson on “Fox & Friends.”

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The Cyber Laundry

The Criminal Progressive Mafia are now ruining Opportunity Zones & the Iowa Caucus. They are well organized and their sole aim is to keep their scams going. Let me explain…More from Amazing Polly.

Crazed Bernie Bro’s Meltdown

They aren’t all crazy, but a good number of the supporters of Leftist Socialist Bernie Sanders themselves appear to be totally deranged and nutso. Here, a Bernie Bro and apparent student at Arizona State University (ASU) had an epic MELTDOWN on the ASU campus while screeching at Trump supporters and all Republicans. More from Mr. Obvious.

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Ia Mayor Pete now the Establishment’s candidate? Apparently. More from Ramzpaul.

Why are Bernie fans getting out there? They have some legitimate reasons to be angry. No doubt about it, the centrist Liberals in the Democratic National Committee are working to cheat Sanders, same as they did in the 2016 election. Here, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson works to get to the bottom of the mess with Jimmy Dore, a supporter of Bernie Sanders but one who is quite informed and not as deranged as the ASU student above. More from The Liberty Hound.

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Here is Bernie Sanders himself proclaiming victory in Iowa — three days late because of the slow vote count. The Democrats need to drop their APPs and just use paper ballots. Yes, it’s old-fashioned, but honest and accurate. Those are both qualities currently lacking in Democratic elections. Their party has become a party riddled with liars and manipulators — dishonest to the core. (Editor’s Note: It’s still unclear whether Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg won the caucus, as there’s a recount happening of the ballots. Both have received 11 delegates to the Democratic convention. Also earning delegates: Elizabeth Warren, 5, Joe Biden, 2; and Amy Klobuchar, 1.

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Is The Two-Party System Over?

The disaster counting the Iowa caucus results might lead to an end of the two-party system. Insetad of two dominant parties, we could have three or four or more parties, like the countries in Europe or Canada. At the minimum, the debacle probably slowed momentum for Bernie Sanders’ campaign. More from Ben Swann.

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Conspiracy theories abound to explain the Democratic Iowa caucuses cluster-foul-up, from the machinations of Donald Trump and Vladmimir Putin, to rank incompetence, and beyond. Bill Whittle dubs it beclown-a-palooza. Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott discuss the Democratic disaster.

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Why are James Carville, Chris Matthews, even the lunatic Joyce Behar warning about the Socialists in the Democratic Party? Because these Socialists are unelectable. They might win in New York City, Vermont or some shitholes like San Francisco. But elsewhere, they are toast. More from Lionel Nation.

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In God We Trust

In Pursuit of Truth takes a look at the large numbers of Democrats leaving their party after Nancy Pelosi’s outrageous behavior at the State of the Union. If you’re entrusted with the signed SOTU for prosperity, you don’t tear it up, bitch! Did you know the single largest donor for the failed Shadow App at the Democratic Iowa caucuses: George Soros, who contributed $2 million. Also covered here: The end of impeachment and the latest Q posts.

Lior Gantz, the founder of, joins SGTReport to discuss President Trump’s SOTU address, the economy and the economic black swan: Coronavirus, which may be far, far worse than we’ve been told to date.

The Deep State coup attempt against President Donald Trump will not go unpunished. Buckle up! More from And We Know.

Looks like the Democrats don’t want us to be prosperous…or peaceful.  We now have a stark contrast…and a clear choice. Craig Mason explains.

Watching the Democrats at impeachment was a little like watching RuPaul’s weave at a fireworks show. More from RazorFist.

Democrats Quitting In Droves

Nancy Pelosi, in a fit of rage, tore up Donald Trumps State Of The Union speech.

This is possibly the biggest mistake she has ever made as Democratic voters called into C-Span to announce that they would be quitting the party over the embarrassment that Pelosi brought to the party.

Some are even calling for her to resign amid the dishonor to the chamber, to America, and to the voters.

While Republicans praised and cheered Trump, Democrats and the far left refused many times to applaud simple things or honorable people. Far Left democrats were slammed for not standing to honor our servicemen and women.

The #WalkAway campaign just got its greatest moment as independent voters, Trump supporters, and now even Democrats stand in unison denouncing Nancy Pelosi over her temper tantrum. More from Tim Pool.

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President Trump delivered the best speech of his Presidency, says Vincent James of The Red Elephants. His approval is rising. Meanwhile, the Democrats are still cheating and trying to rig elections, as the vote counting drags out in Iowa.

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report appears on Mike Huckabee’s After The Show to share why he left the left and how progressives are pushing people away from the Democratic Party. He talks about his origins on the big progressive show The Young Turks and his political awakening involving David Webb. Dave discusses how the current far left and progressive side of the Democratic party’s obsession with identity politics, diversity and being “woke” is forcing people with center-left or centrist political leanings to rethink voting for Democratic candidates in the 2020 election and rethink their party affiliation altogether.

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Shine A Light On Them

The [DeepState]/Democrats just ran out of ammunition. The fake impeachment has fallen apart. The D’s are having problem with the Iowa Caucus. It seems shadow players are involved. Tom Fitton gets hit by the Washington Post. Fitton fights back.  Rand Paul reads his question in front the Senate. Emails surface that have to do with Seth Rich, even though the FBI says there was no investigation. The mainstream media is pushing technology that can show which pics and videos are fake and what is real. More from the X22 Report.

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There’s no other way to characterize the Democrats’ caucus results in Iowa than as a slow-motion car wreck.  Unless you want to call it a slow-motion train wreck! Let’s all pray for Rush Limbaugh: One of the most observant and honest pundits of our time. More from RedPill78.

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Checkmate! [Deep State] is falling apart. Democrats can’t wrap up the crooked Iowa caucuses. The mainstream media clowns are imploding. Q proofs are important. More from And We Know.

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The Democrats are stealing elections again. Vincent James at The Red Elephants discusses the Iowa caucus corruption. It’s a doozy, as Democrats still didn’t have a clue who won a day after the voting ended. Turns out several former Hillary Clinton aides were attached to the company — Shadow — that produced the bogus results. Is she trying to sew dissension or pave a way for her triumphant return to save the floundering Democratic Party? (EDITOR’S NOTE: Around 9 pm Tuesday night  — a full day late — the Democrats released their first preliminary Iowa caucus numbers. With 62 percent of the vote counted, C-I-Gay candidate Pete Buttigieg had 27 percent, Bernie Sanders 25 percent, Elizabeth Warren 18 percent and Joe Biden 16 percent. Amy Klobuchar was placing fifth. The other candidates trailed significantly, so some will probably withdraw soon.)

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Who needs the lying Democrats when you can interview The Truth Cat? That’s exactly what happens on this new edition of The Edge of Wonder as the cat from The Truth Factory makes a special guest appearance. They get into all kinds of discussions: Trump, impeachment, time travel. Watch it right meow!

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The Iowa Cock-Up

We still don’t know who won the Iowa caucuses. Perhaps Jeb from off the rails. Yes, folks, it’s a rant from RazorFist.

The Iowa caucus is a complete meltdown and disaster. The Democratic Party is in total shambles. They relied on an App Company called “Shadow” to bring them clean results. You couldn’t have come up with a more hilarious ending in a Saturday Night Live skit, and we all know how SNL is super-challenged to be humorous these days. More from Tim Pool.

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The Do Nothing Desperate Dickhead Democrats have failed once again. As of 1 a.m. , they still did not have caucus results announced for Iowa. Hey Dems, let us give you a clue: 1 + 1 = 2, 2 + 2=4. We could tell the Dems more, but what’s the point. They are Democrats. They will never learn to count. They will never be logical or honest or trustworthy or believable. They are all in it for the money, doesn’t matter whether it’s Bernie, or Hillary, or Joe or Barack. Whether it’s a hardened Leftist or one of the CIA Agitprops or one of the supposedly “moderate” Democrats! More from Meme the Left.

CNN’s Jake Tapper goes viral after mocking “unviable” Joe Biden supporters at an Iowa caucus. It doesn’t appear as if Biden even reached 15 percent of the vote. He ended up down in the dumps with Amy Klobuchar. The victors were Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, with Elizabeth Warren trailing in third place. That, at least, is what seemed to be the results. And that’s probably why the Democrats refused to announce them. This is a party that hasn’t been honest about anything for decades. More from The Liberty Hound.

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The one thing the Iowa caucuses have shown: Biden is probably toast. He needs to go back home and stop manhandling children. People do not want a pedophile as their President.

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Sanders Aide Wants US Gulags

• Kyle Jurek, Iowa Field Organizer, Bernie Sanders Campaign, Says That Stalin Had a Legitimate Reason to Use Gulags, Claiming Gulags Were “Better Than What the CIA Has Told Us They Were.”
• Jurek Claims That “…Our Prisons, in the United States Right Now, Are Far Worse. Far Worse Than Anything That They Experienced in a F***ing Gulag. Like People Get Raped. People Get F***ing, Work Twelve Hours a Day. People Have to go Fight Fires in California for a Dollar. You Know What I Mean? That’s F***ed up. That’s Super F***ed Up. Soviet Union Didn’t do That S**t.”
• Believes That Americans Opposed to Socialism Must be Re-Educated.
• Jurek: “Like and No Matter What Country and What Laws Were, That Exist, They’re Irrelevant to, There Are Things Greater Than Those Systems, Right? There Are Things That Are More Important Than the Rule of Law in the United States, When it Comes Down to the Existence of the Human Race.”
• Admits to Participating in Antifa Events, Reveals That “A Lot of Them Are Probably on the Bernie Campaign.” More from Project Veritas.

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