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Died Suddenly

Here is the controversial documentary from Stew Peters that will result in Nuremberg trials over the Covid-19 deaths. Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them.

The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award-winning filmmakers Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer. They are the minds behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES, and now have a damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.

Narradigm: Errata

Clif High touches on: Errata: Cancer, Khazarians , Tavistock, CIA classified shit that really ain’t & some stuff.

Covid Trials Underway?

Riss Flex reports Nuremberg-like trials are back and they are in full swing. She says international trial lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, and his worldwide network of attorneys, have collected evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic was a planned, criminal operation.

The Fuellmich network says it plans to prosecute those complicit in this blight on humanity, outside the current corrupt legal system. Says Flex, “The very people they are trying to put on trial are controlling these systems.” And, sadly, she adds, not a smidgen of this is being reported by the mainstream media. Here’s her full report.

Nuremberg 2.0 For Aussie Media

Nuremberg 2.0 will deliver the same devastating justice to guilty parties in Australia as did Nuremberg 1.0 trials in Germany. That’s the assessment from Riccardo Bosi, national leader of the conservative AUSTRALIAONE Party.

Bosi, former lieutenant colonel in the Australian Army Special Forces, promises that in Nuremberg 2.0 there will be media, personalities and media owners that will be hanged from the neck until they’re dead. “And we’re an equal-opportunity hangman, I guarantee,” he says. “Men and women will be up on the gallows.” Here’s more from Bosi on the Samantha Anderson channel.

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