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Port Chaos: Shipping Crisis

Bob Kudla joins RedPill78 for their monthly meet to discuss all things financial, including the collapse of China’s Evergrande, what it means, the shipping chaos and the implications for war with Taiwan. The conversation also gets into the Fed pushing people into crypto and the connection between the jab and cancer confirmed and explained.

The demise of the Biden presidency, empty shelves, empty promises, threats, and lies. Plus the victories of those who refuse to submit. More from Lori Colley.

Experts Debunk Vax Nonsense

Scientists across the board are blowing the lid off the vaccine nonsense, including a Harvard epidemiologist who shows the jab is not only inefficient but dangerous. Countless studies on vaccine efficacy reveal patients are likely to incur severe health risks after receiving the Covid shots.

Furthermore, autoimmune disorders are skyrocketing, as well as cases of cancer, heart problems, blood clots and more. From the inventor of mRNA to the former vice-president of Pfizer and the creator of the PCR test, the truth is coming out, whether the Deep State wants it or not. In the following video, World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson breaks down latest fuel for the global uprising.

Chlorine Dioxide: Miracle Cure

The mainstream media calls chlorine dioxide a poisonous bleach. The FDA says it’s a dangerous toxic chemical. The truth may prove them both wrong.

Chlorine dioxide, a well-known water purification product used by the military and campers, might well be the elixir for curing devastating diseases, such as cancer and AIDS, and an endless list of viral and infectious maladies.

The inexpensive and effective chemical remedy has virtually been silenced, falsely discredited and hidden from the world by the Cabal and fake news media in perpetuating their never-ending dependence on Big Pharma. The following video, courtesy of RenaudBe, features clips exposing the fake news media’s demonization of chlorine dioxide at the expense of public health.

5G A Deadly Weapon, a group of 220 doctors from 39 countries, is warning that wireless radiation can lead to cancer, immune-system disorder, neurological problems and reproductive harm. And perhaps the biggest threat today, according to the California Brain Tumor Association (CBTA), is the rollout of 5G technology.

The CBTA says the new 5G technology comes with ultra-high frequency and intensity, using 24 to 90 gigahertz, which is akin to 90 billion electromagnetic waves per second pounding your body. Here’s more on the @Freedom4CM channel.

Massive Vaccine Death Toll

The death toll from the COVID-19 vaccine is growing at an alarming rate, as new reports of heart inflammation have surfaced. Critics are calling the condition rare, but that’s because only one percent are being reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), says Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media. The bad news, he says, is that the side effects and deaths will still be with us 10 years out, emanating from cancer, heart disease, dementia and immunal-response issues.

In the following video, Sigurdson welcomes Tim Picciott of The Liberty Advisor to discuss the countless reports of deaths, the possible long-term side effects and the media coverup.

Fauci Critic Died Mysteriously

While Dr. Anthony Fauci attempts to wiggle his way out of allegations that he approved gain-of-function research on the coronavirus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, InfoWars has exposed the untold story buried by the mainstream media of how one of his most ardent critics mysteriously died.

The mystery dates back three decades to Kary B. Mullis, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for inventing the polymerase chain reaction, or PCR test. The AIDS epidemic was raging and NIH chief Fauci pushed for higher doses of the cancer drug AZT to treat patients. Mullis was hired to measure HIV in patients’ blood samples with his PCR method, working under the premise that HIV was the probable cause of the disease. But when he went looking for proof, he found none. He concluded that no one really knew the cause, including Fauci and his team, and came to the conclusion that the whole process was a scam.

Mullis further discovered that the NIH was losing money, the AZT scheme brought them back into the black and the men at the highest levels were all in on it. Calling these men dangerous, Mullis continued to be an outspoken critic of Fauci in an effort to expose him, but no one listened. In an ironic twist to the story, Mullis died mysteriously of pneumonia in August 2019, a few months from the onset of COVID-19.

Suffice it to say that Fauci and his corrupt cohorts further abused the PCR testing during the COVID pandemic. The PCR test was very effective, basically finding anything you looked for, depending on how high you turned up the cycles. And turn them up they did! The official protocol for COVID-19 PCR testing opened the floodgates of false positives to skew the results. They called the results asymptomatic to cover a lie. These patients didn’t have symptoms, because they didn’t have the coronavirus. Here’s more from InfoWars, including incredible clips of the outspoken Mullis.

Judge Jeanine Grills Dr. Birx

Judge Jeanine Pirro turns up the pressure on White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx, pressing her on how pandemic deaths are recorded. Pirro points out that the Center for Disease Control is mandating that deaths affected by COVID-19 but rooted in other illnesses, such as cancer, pneumonia or diabetes, be counted as virus victims. Watch closely as Dr. Birx, firmly in the hot seat, attempts to dance around her response in this episode of “Justice With Judge Jeanine” on Fox News.

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Qastle Clean

In Pursuit of Truth already broke the story that Fox News is beginning to uncover on television. Namely, how Democratic Senators, Representatives and holdovers from the Obama administration have conspired to cover up gross corruption committed by their party in the Ukraine. Here, we get a sense of the story with Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden squarely entrenched among the guilty parties. Also, we see how the august New York Times has worked to bury the news. Shame on them! That’s not a newspaper, just a crony rag!

The [DeepState] is continuing with the fake impeachment. The people are bored. There is no evidence, no facts. There is nothing. This is not going to end well for them. The patriots have set them up and they are ready to spring the trap on them. Wait for it because it is coming. Q dropped more bread. The drip of information is to inflict pain and to educate the people on what is really going on. The flood is coming and those corrupt individuals will be swept away when it hits.More from the X22 Report.

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What are the origins of the Coronavirus? State Department emails are revealed. Rudy Giuliani is vowing to release docs. More from RedPill78.

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President Donald Trump drops hints…hints suggesting some monumental or miraculous cures or scientific breakthroughs to be announced quite soon. What breakthroughs? This we don’t know yet. Could it be a cure for cancer? Unlimited free energy? We should know soon. Otherwise, this edition of TRUreporting gets into deltas, decodes and the decomposition of Hollyweird.

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Were we sold out to foreign powers? JustInformed Talk examines the latest Q posts. They indicate that many in the Obama administration were engaged in a gross campaign to enrich themselves by selling out America to the highest bidders, including some of the nation’s worst enemies.

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Hope Alive For Cancer Cure

After billions of dollars and years of research, why haven’t we found a cure for cancer? SciShow host Hank Green opines, “If every tumor worked the same, we would probably by now have that magic bullet that we need. The trouble is, cancers may look the same on the outside but each one develops differently in their own way and can originate in any type of tissue.” But Green says there’s still hope for progress beyond the traditional chemotherapy and radiation methods.

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We’re Getting Smarter

Contrary to popular belief, cancer rates are declining and average IQs are rising.

“We often overlook the many good things that are happening in the world around us today,” says Ronald Bailey, Reason’s science correspondent. In the August/September edition of Reason Magazine, Bailey lists seven surprising pieces of good news about the modern world we live in.

For example, people are getting smarter. While this may come as a surprise to anyone who has watched reality television lately, a person of average IQ today would have been in the top 15 percent of same-age scorers 50 years ago. “About half of Americans two generations ago would have been diagnosed as mentally retarded based on today’s IQ tests,” says Bailey.

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