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Do You See What I See?

Has time stopped? Do you cry more often? Will we ever arrive at the truth as opposed to the fake news that characterizes the daily drivel of the mainstream media? More from Truthstream Media.

Carvings in Time

Dave Cullen from Computing Forever visits an Irish park and observes the tree carvings from the 1970s and 1980s. These times were less turbulent and less depressing, more optimistic and hopeful. What kind of messages would we carve nowadays?




China Inside’Ah

We’ve already been banging the drum on Christine Fang and Eric Swalwell for a couple of days now. So, here, let’s broaden the scope of our investigation. Take Dianne Feinstein, Ms. Cognitive Decline Stein, one of the two U.S. senators from the supposed state of California. How has she also been involved with the ring of Chinese spies circling the drain in America?

How about all the scum in our judiciary or even worse, the FBI, an agency that engages in bureaucratic subterfuge as opposed to truth-telling. For the longest time, the FBI did nothing to probe the murder of Seth Rich. Now, we learn they have his laptop and some 20,000 pages of documents pertaining to him, presumably drawn from the laptop. They aren’t going to summarize all of what they’ve got. Too time consuming, they say. Looks like they have been sitting on their ‘ronas, not just for 2020, but at least 3 or 4 years.

Will it ever get better? Not if we have Joe Biden taking office. Already, it’s being announced his son Hunter is under investigation for tax fraud. Oh, yeah, his brother James apparently as well. Making sense of the nonsense is Sir Patrick Mack from In Pursuit of Truth, now at home on Gab, as well as Bitchute. Let’s get pursuity, folks!

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have played their hand. They cheated and manipulated the election to get [Joe Biden] into office. Now we see stories about China, [Eric Swalwell][Nancy Pelosi][Hunter Biden] and [James Biden] leaked out. We see Gov and mayors with the Chinese, it is all being exposed to the American people. Time has just placed [Joe Biden] & [Kamala Harris] on the cover. Marker revealed. Trump just signed an Executive Order for Dec 24. It has begun. More from the X22 Report.


China’s unrestricted warfare against the United States exposes the fake news and Biden blackmail coverup. More from JustInformed Talk.

As we fight for our Republic as it is surrounded by globalists and traitors in our midst, never forget who we are and what made us great in the first place. Anton Chaitkin, author of WHO WE ARE and TRAITORS IN AMERICA, joins SGTReport to discuss.

Some Days Aren’t 24 Hours

A stellar day is how long it takes the Earth to complete a full rotation about its axis, measured with respect to a distant stationary reference point in space. But our traditional concept of a day has to do with our Sun, not the galactic center. For each turn of the Earth, there’s a time when the Sun is highest, and a day is simply the time it takes for the Sun to get back to that point. A solar day is not the same thing as a day kept by our clocks, since it uses the Sun as a reference point as to when noon is. But the length of time when the Sun is highest isn’t constant, changing up or down by about a minute over the course of a year. So do we really have 24 hours in a day? minutephysics host Henry Reich unravels the mystery.

Time Speeding Up?

Many people, especially those who have reached old age, say they feel like time is speeding up. It is really? Or is it a trick on our minds as we become more adept at deciphering digital information much faster. More from Truthstream Media.

A Glimpse of the Past

If you’ve ever taken in the wonders of the night sky, chances are you may be glancing into the distant past. Even the things you see surrounding you are old news. Well, maybe only mere nano seconds old. “Light travels at about 1 foot per nano second,” says Katie Mack of minutephysics. “Everything you look at is to one degree or another in the past. The farther away in space, the more ancient in time.” Take the Andromeda Galaxy, our Milky Way’s closest neighbor. If you’re lucky enough to see this cosmic giant on a clear evening, you’re viewing it 2.5 million years in the past.

Length of Time Redefined

The optical lattice clock, which uses a laser to measure vibrating atoms, could offer a more accurate definition of the second.

When Will Time End?

The answer to this question may depend on whether Stephen Hawking was right in his theory that describes how black holes shed mass and eventually decay.

Modern science provides a humbling perspective. Our lives, indeed even that of the human species, are just a blip compared to the Earth, at 4.5 billion years and counting, and the universe, at 13.7 billion years.

It now appears the entire cosmos is living on borrowed time. It may be a blip within a much grander sweep of time. When, we now ask, will time end?

How Trains Stopped Time

Before 1883, we didn’t have Eastern Time Zone, the Mountain Time Zone or any standardized system for keeping clocks synchronized across the United States. Every region, every city could set clocks however they wanted, and there were enormous variations.¬†William Heuisler explains the history of time and how trains changed everything.

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