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Explaining 2023 To My Self

I went back in time and visited myself in 2015, providing him with instructions on how to fix the future. More from Mr. Reagan.

Dems Caught In Bank Scandals

The failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank have exposed the corrupt Democrats.  Both of these banks boasted heavy concentrations of Democratic donors on their boards and staffs. For instance, Barney Frank, the former Massachusetts Congressman and author of the Dodd-Frank bank regulatory bill, served on the board of Signature Bank.

Both banks pushed woke policies, involving climate change, trans agendas and all the crazy cuckoo puff aspects of the Democratic Party’s plank. Charlie Kirk has reported that SVB gave as much as $74 million to Black Lives Matter and related causes.

In short, they were heavily involved in what’s being called “refeudalization.” That phrase applies to ongoing attempts to transfer control of our society to a few globalists and billionaires, while turning everyone else into serfs, as in dark days of the Middle Ages. Here to explain in greater detail: Steve Turley.

The banking collapse continues as reverberations rock the financial world. Will we soon see a mass casualty event, where distraught banking executives hurl themselves off multi-story buildings?  One thing’s for sure. We are drawing closer to a reboot of the financial system.

Here’s RedPill78 with more on the banking collapse, as well as the probe into the Biden Crime Family.

Banking Ugly

Clif High is back and warns to brace yourself for The Big Ugly. We will not see one or two bank failures, but a large number of them. In other words, the cookie will keep crumbling. As these failures begin to cascade through the months of April and May, we will not only see banks fail, but many smaller banks scrambling to survive and undergo mergers with larger entities.

The “normies” will come to understand just how deeply they have been maligned, cheated and even poisoned by the Mother Weffers, the Democratic Leftists aligned with the World Economic Forum. Look for these normies to come out swinging.

They will not only bash the Democrats’ pet causes, including trans agendas and climate change activism, but some patients dying from covid vaccines might even start to assassinate doctors and politicians.

That’s why High describes this upcoming morass as an “ugly” showdown. The violence and turmoil will ramp up all summer long. High recorded this audio while in his car traveling to visit an area banker. There is no video component to the talk, so you will only see a static image of High. More from Republic Rising.

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