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Liberal Cancers: A Solution

What happens when the cancers of identity politics, critical race theory, and feminism get together? The three cancers of society can surely solve all our problems when put together. More from AwakenWithJP.


Hold On Tight! Storm Inbound

We’ve got a storm brewing and it’s going to be huge! You’ve heard of Gunga Din? We have his cousin, Buy Din, running a new administration in Washington. They are slinging around dollars like they were doughnuts.

Of course, they lied to all the dimwit Dem voters by telling them they would receive $2,000 coronavirus checks. Buy Din and his cronies are spending $1.9 trillion on covid relief, but stimulus checks for voters? Can’t do it! Just not enough money, dumbos! It’s the old bait and switch!

Otherwise, what’s with all of the CEOs stepping down? Not only the CEOs of Amazon, CNN and Pfizer, but even the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Tom Donohue. Is there more than meets the eye happening here? More from And We Know.


The Handforth Parish Council Planning & Environment Committee took place on Thursday 10th December 2020. Press F to pay respects to Brian Tolver. Here, Mr. Obvious turns the Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting into an Oblivion meme. Watch as a headstong woman named Jackie Weaver not only deletes and kicks out the council’s chairman, but also the vice chairman, effectively becoming the council’s feminist Fuhrer.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman joins me to discuss the lunacy of masking, lockdowns and experimental biological agents – the inevitable conclusion of all of it is it’s intended to cause pain, suffering and death – by design. More from the SGTReport.

Reba Sherrill joins RedPill78 for a discussion about an ongoing plan to restore American Sovereignty that until this moment, has garnered little attention. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln issued General Order 100, placing the United States under Lieber Code and therefore, Martial Law. He was assassinated in 1865 before taking us back under Republican rule. Not long after the Act of 1871 created the UNITED STATES corporation and our fictitious government that still exists today. Reba takes us through the true history of the United States of America and the path to restore our nation.

Confessions Of A Feminist

Believe it or not, I used to be a feminist. As a result, many feminists over the last few years have accused me of being a grifter and an opportunist. They insist the only reason I am no longer a feminist is because I could make more money as a conservative commentator. It’s time to set the record straight. More from Daisy Cousens.

Dr. Who’s Ratings Crash

Heave-Who? There’s a new Dr. Who, all full of Leftist and feminist propaganda. It debuted New Year’s Day and, of course, it crashed and burned in the ratings. Once again, the public isn’t buying the Liberal fantasies. They do not want a feminist prude playing Dr. Who. They want the man himself back. More from Computing Forever.

Dramatic Rise of Exorcisms!

Dr. Steve Turley discusses two trends that no one expected to see, but now, they are converging. 1. The dramatic rise in exorcisms. 2. Hollywood’s fascination with conjurings and the supernatural, with the latest example being the film Annabelle Comes Home, which opened as the No. 2 new release — behind only Toy Story 4 — last weekend.

Hollywood’s new obsession: Turning out PC remakes of old classics. Like the new Terminator, due out this fall, that looks to have a Lesbian heroine. Now that’s eye-appealing. Not! More from Mark Dice.

How is this film a thing? Computing Forever¬† explores Charlie’s Angels. Just another feature to add to the pile of woke feminist trash in 2019.


The Platform

Democrats meet to hammer out their platform for 2020. What did Beto O’Rourke have to say? Watch and you’ll see, but we say: Buy that man a chalupa! More from The United Spot.

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Why is a desperate lumberjack trying to chop down his wood and pander to women? Hunter Avallone offers his take on the long-shot campaign of Democratic presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell. This guy wants your vote, ladies!

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Rucka Rucka Ali has fun at the expense of the Democratic frontrunner — Joe Biden. Here’s “Old Town Grope,” done to the tune of “Old Town Road.” It’s a parody, of sorts.

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Man-Hating Feminists Strike!

You don’t have a friend in me. Today we watch the Young Turks fail at feminism! More from Hunter Avallone.

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The parents of teen girls harassed on camera by Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims raised over $100,000 for a pro-life non-profit in Philadelphia, where the Democratic official has targeted peaceful pro-lifers praying outside Planned Parenthood.

Joe and Ashley Garecht started a GoFundMe page after they realized the man who offered $100 to dox their teen daughters – 13 and 15 – on Periscope was actually an elected official, an action they called “shameful and unacceptable.” More from Fox News.

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And, in Sweden, hucksters are pushing a mentally ill daughter to the forefront in an effort to cause a climate change panic. On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, the climate cult embraced the mentally ill teenager Greta Thunberg and the PR machine behind her rise to fame. More from The

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Get Woke, Go Broke

A feminist cafe decided to charge men an extra 18 percent on all sales, ostensibly to underscore the cost of the gender gap. But, now, just over a year later, the same Australian cafe is going broke and closing up shop. That’s belly-up! Tom Pool says the lesson is easy: Overcharge men and you’ll face bankruptcy.



Cambridge Snubs Peterson

Philosophy professor Jordan Peterson had an offer to teach at the University of Cambridge, but now it’s been revoked. Seems Cambridge is upset over Peterson’s Twitter wars with “raging, harpy feminists.” Tim Pool shares the story and also discusses the latest on Joe Rogan.

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Outrage Culture Meets Japan

Japan is rejecting the West’s culture of emotional outrage.¬† Feminism is much different in Japan, as the nation does not have a raging debate on abortion. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

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