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A Doctor’s Vaccine Testimony

This is the testimony of a Michigan doctor before a committee. He discusses the ‘vaccines,’ the problems and issues with them, why they should not have been approved, and why they should never, ever be mandatory. More from FondoBits.

Doctors Play Into Fears

Doctors are playing into delusional fears in regards Covis-19 and face masks. Why don’t medical professionals try telling the truth instead? More from Amazing Polly.

Dancing For Doctors!

From the 4th Annual Fake News Awards, a commercial for a product that will help doctors with their most important struggle during these difficult times: improving their TikTok dance routines. More from Corbett Report Extras.

Dump Masks, Trust Treatment

A group of America’s frontline doctors gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court building over the weekend to tell the country not to be afraid of the coronavirus. They further emphasized that wearing masks does not curb the spread of the virus and are socially divisive, posing a threat to civil liberties and national security.

Dispelling misinformation spewing from our mainstream media, the group reinforced that doctors are capable of dealing with the virus and stressed that early treatment is key. As recently as July, the CDC revealed that of the people they looked at with COVID-19, 85 percent said they wore masks always or usually.  Says one of the doctors, “What does that tell you. Only 3.9 percent said they never wore a mask. If masks worked, you would see some different numbers. In fact, 85 percent of the people are wearing a mask and it’s not doing them any good.”

Their main message: Allay the fear and seek early treatment. Here’s more with OAN’s Christina Bobb.

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And on the other end of the political spectrum, there’s two-faced Dr. Anthony Fauci and the mainstream media–in this case 60 Minutes–spreading more fear and misinformation. Fauci talks media restrictions, Trump and COVID-19, masks and voting in person.

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