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Masters Of Ancient Iraq

Throughout the ancient history of Iraq, very little information is available surrounding the Sumerian Civilization. In fact, no one really knows where these people came from. What is known is that they had incredible building techniques and their knowledge was vast and seemingly far in advance than any other civilizations of that time. What secrets lie within their writings and how did they become so clever? More from the Zohar Entertainment Group.

Reclaiming Atlantean History

According to the Greek philosopher Plato, Atlantis was a city of immense wealth, being rich in natural minerals and lush vegetation. Atlanteans were said to have built fantastic temples, displayed beautiful architecture, and created magnificent statues to the gods. More from Robert Sepehr, anthropologist and author.

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TRU History: Untold Stories

Has everything we have been told about history a lie? Do our schools feed us propaganda? Have even our great works of religion, like the Bible, been edited down and had full chapters removed to hide key elements of the past? TRUreporting launches a new series called TRU History that will delve into these untold stories. Co-hosts are The Punisher and StoppedAgo. Topics covered in this opening, two-hour video: The Book of Enoch, giants, the Nephilim or fallen angels, lost historical sites, the Vatican and aerial phenomenon.

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