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Biden Sued Over Student Loans

Six States sue the Biden Administration over the new Student Loans policy as Biden says “bring it on” during a speech. We review the complaint in Nebraska v. Biden and the docket schedule. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Corruption And Injustice

Viva Frei’s David Freiheit presents a case of corruption and injustice, which sadly showcases the double standard in our courts these days. Don’t expect these details from mainstream media, but the following video will help explain how a man was sentenced to life in prison for aggravated robbery with a water pistol.

It’s the story of Rolf Kaestel, who served 40 years of a life sentence for robbing an Arkansas taco stand for $264. Even the victim advocated for Kaestel’s release. Here are the details with Freiheit.

Biden’s Assault On The Republic

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has duly warned President Biden that if he signs unconstitutional laws passed by Congress, it is our duty to challenge them in court. He was quickly joined by attorneys general from Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Montana and Texas in signing a six-page letter to the President.

The letter charges Biden of cutting Constitutional corners by signing more than 40 executive orders to date, adding that overreaching and defying Congress will not be rewarded or succeed and only amounts to tyranny against we the people. “He doesn’t care,” says Martin Brodel of Biden. “They control the courts, so he can care less.” Brodel also reports on freshman Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s challenges of Biden’s decision to rejoin the Paris Accord, his mask mandate and funding of the World Health Organization, plans to vaccinate terrorists at Guantanamo Bay and the Black Lives Matter nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Farmer Bill To The Rescue

Bill Gates of Microsoft fame has reached another, most unusual, plateau in his long-standing career. Gates, the fourth richest person on the planet, is now the top private farmland owner in America, after snatching up 242,000 acres across the country in the last few years.

His largest holdings are in Louisiana (69,071 acres), Arkansas (47,927 acres) and Nebraska (20,588). In addition, he has a stake of 25,750 acres of transitional land just west of downtown Phoenix, which he hopes to develop into a suburb. So why all the farmland? Could it be Gates has a sinister plan to disrupt and control the world’s food supply? You need only look at his past ventures when he attempted to monopolize food companies in the past with Monsanto and the big-grain industries and, of course, his domination of the computer industry and, most recently, his work with vaccines.

Perhaps the most perplexing of Gates’ moves, was when he negotiated a $100 million contact tracing deal with a Democrat Congressman long before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. In the iconic words of German soldier Wolfgang on the popular 1970s variety show “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in” –Very interesting! Here’s World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson with more details.

Will Maxwell Be Wacked?

Former ecstasy kingpin-turned-author-and-motivational speaker Shaun Attwood tells the Koncrete Channel that recently arrested Ghislaine Maxwell now faces the exact same risks to the elites who suicided Jeffrey Epstein. The big risk, says Attwood, is if Maxwell implicates President Clinton and Prince Andrew in a court trial. “Government agencies have to take action if she says they are having sex with kids” says Attwood. “It can’t get to that? It’s got to be stopped.” He also discusses Maxwell’s connections with the CIA and the untimely death of her billionaire father, Robert Maxwell, also a CIA operative. “When you’re a liability, they take you out,” he says.

In an equally chilling revelation in the second half of the video, Attwood reveals some shocking details on the War on Drugs, implicating George H.W. Bush, Oliver North and President Bill Clinton and their involvement in the Arkansas cocaine runs and the death of pilot Barry Seal.

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NASA’s Alternate Reality

NASA’s recent discovery of a parallel universe where time runs backward, suggests there are interdimensional beings living among us. We’re not talking about aliens from other parts of the universe, nor beings that live inside the Earth, nor demons, but about beings from other dimensions.

In the following video, blogger Riss Flex discusses the awareness of such beings and how state governments are passing laws to protect them. “Ever since they disclosed the UFO awareness by the government, they’re going to start releasing more information like this to get the public more used to this understanding,” Flex says. She says that among such beings now protected by law are Bigfoot in Washington State, a “river monster” in Arkansas and a serpent-like creature that lives in the waters of Lake Champlain in Vermont and New York.

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Another Academic Tied To China

The FBI has arrested another professor for being paid by China in secret. The professor, Simon S. Ang, 63, of Fayetteville, Arkansas, was arrested last week on a wire fraud count after failing to make the disclosure on an application for a NASA grant, according to a statement from the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here, Tim Pool discusses the academic’s financial ties to China, ties he tried to hide.


Coded Message for Escape

Trump says he turned down the meeting with Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the British Labour Party. Trump lawyer John Dowd is now saying that Mueller changed the transcript. The MSM publishes a story about George Nader being arrested for child pornography and they are trying to create link to Trump. But the link is really with [Bill Clinton]. Christopher Steele is allegedly saying he is willing meet with US authorities. More information has come out that the FBI did not document four [HRC] witnesses. Judge says Congress cannot block the wall. [DS] sends message that if we need to we will coordinate our escape. More from the X22 Report.

McAllister TV reacts to the news that the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice will be challenging the Big Tech companies that have been trampling on our rights of free speech and free press. Hopefully, these outfits will be broken into smaller and more manageable companies or if left intact, they will be forced to back off from their aggressive censorship against conservatives and Christians. Otherwise, this video gets into fake news panic and the declass coming soon!

Hannity and Sarah Carter say Declass and IG WITHIN DAYS, Lords Prayer Change and Proof. Google down an Anon Op. Ukraine Gangster Clinton Connections, TDS UK. Steele agrees to speak with US investigators. Former Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder has phone and digital communication devices seized. Competing George Naders and more info on Kevin Poulson. It’s all here from RedPill78.

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In reality, America is ruled by an oligarchy, America’s 60 families, a de facto government, according to Ferdinand Lundberg. This “shadow government” has controlled the top levels of the US government for most of our nation’s history. They have steered us into wars, by way of deception time and time again. And they ultimately seek to impose a one world government on humanity as author James Perloff explains. The SGT Report explains in a video entitled “War and Deception.”

In Pursuit of Truth reports on the apparent death, quite possibly a murder, of a state senator from Arkansas, previously a Democrat who had turned Republican and began speaking with Q-Anon figures.  Also we learn of government and press battles in Australia over the disclosure of state secrets pertaining to the war in Afghanistan. And, there’s a new round of tweets and stories about dogs. Remember the video called “Very Good Boy.” Turns out VGB is the call letters for the Virgin Islands: Great Britain, and that’s where the Clintons have been visiting the past few days.

Hammer About to Drop

Investigative journalist Liz Crokin joins me to discuss the latest breaking news including the accusation that Bill Clinton raped a young boy who is now 26-years old, and the investigator who broke the story is now dead. Liz firmly believes that all of the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place so that Hillary Clinton will be arrested before November 11th of this year. More from the SGTReport.

Bill Still also reports on the mystery 757 from the Department of Justice that made a second trip to Little Rock. It appears that there may actually be a real investigation going into the pay-for-play aspects – better known as bribery – of the doings of the Clinton Foundation.

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Deep State Killed John Lennon

On December 8, 1980, former Beatle John Lennon was gunned down outside his home in New York. Mark David Chapman, arrested at the scene, was portrayed as a lone gunman. He said The Catcher in the Rye, a novel about youthful alienation by J. D. Salinger, was his statement. Or, at least, that’s the official story. Chapman was in Beirut, Lebanon, when the CIA ran an assassination program there. It’s well-known the agency worked to create brainwashed assassins with its MKUltra program.

Researchers believe Catcher in the Rye may have been the trigger used to set Chapman in motion. Sirhan Sirhan’s trigger was the girl in a polka dot dress. Chapman worked with Vietnamese refugees at a resettlement camp at Fort Chaffee in Arkansas following his visit to Lebanon. The program was run by World Vision. World Vision collaborated on CIA black projects. John Lennon was considered a threat to the national security state. His leftist and antiwar political views influenced millions. The national security state wasn’t about to let that happen again. From Newsbud.

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