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Pentagon Biolaboratories

Word of America’s illicit bioweapons programs has long circulated, tied to the groundbreaking research of Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva.

She produced a 2018 mini-documentary called Pentagon Biolaboratories, maintaining that the US was carrying out this research in secret laboratories spread in 25 nations around the world, primarily in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Her work, just under 30 minutes long, shows the biolabs in the Ukraine,  while focusing on another nearby country along the southern border of Russia — Georgia.

Here’s her description for the work: “The US Embassy to Tbilisi is involved in the trafficking of frozen human blood and pathogens as diplomatic cargo for a secret military program. Internal documents, leaked to Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva by Georgian insiders, implicate US scientists in the transportation of and experimenting on pathogens under diplomatic cover.

“According to these documents, Pentagon scientists have been deployed to the Republic of Georgia and have been given diplomatic immunity to research deadly diseases and biting insects at the Lugar Center – the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.”


Russian Forces Storm Kiev

Russians, fighting Ukraine forces in the capital city of Kiev, have met with greater resistance than they had expected. As a result, the Russians have not advanced as quickly as they had hoped in their armed incursion into Ukraine.

What they have seen is a very determined resistance, and it has slowed them down,” a US military observer said.

Meanwhile, the war has led to escalating sanctions against Russia, applied by the European Union and other blocs of nations. Ukraine is also said to be eager to enter into talks with Russia to end the conflict.

Here is footage, purportedly showing the warfare under way. We say “purportedly” because there have been many fake and phony videos floating around claiming to show warfare in Ukraine when, in fact, the videos are drawn from earlier conflicts. More from Steve Turley.

Meanwhile, here is another report on the biological warfare labs being run in Ukraine by the U.S. Department of Defense. It turns out there are also similar labs in the neighboring nation of Georgia, also along the southern border of Russia. Here, we get independent information compiled by journalists from Bulgaria showing the locations of the labs. More from bluewater.

Tom Hanks’ Greek Home

Let’s visit Tom Hanks’ home on the Greek island of Antiparos in the Aegean Sea. Hanks has accepted dual citizenship so he can legally live in Greece. And his wife, Rita Wilson, is part-Greek and part-Bulgarian, so her ancestry comes from this region.

Looking at the home, it appears a good chunk of it lies beneath the surface. That’s to be expected on Antiparos, as the island boasts one of the largest and most mysterious caves in Greece. With Hanks, you have to wonder, what exactly is in his underground lair?

The NPC Show originally speculated that Hanks owns the Ktima House, but later determined Hanks actually owns two much smaller homes on the island. The Ktima House is apparently one available for vacation rentals.

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Here, Riss Flex discusses Hanks’ rape and mistreatment of child sex slave Sarah Ruth Ashcraft. The bigger discussion point: How the CIA procures children to be abused, raped and often murdered by the political elite as well as the rich and famous in Hollywood. This has been commonplace practice for decades, but it must be stopped. The CIA either must reform and discard these repugnant and devilish practices or else be abolished. If the CIA does not clean up its act, we must insist upon reform, and beat down the Democratic Party that supports these jackals and hyenas.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately, the censorship jackals and hyenas at YouTube ordered this video taken down. We will add it again if Riss Flex reuploads it to another platform.)

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Elizabeth Anne Hanks is Tom Hanks’ daughter. Here, Alice Down The Rabbit Hole explores whether E. A. Hanks, actress and writer, is also a witch.


The Clash At Greek Border

The clash at the Greek border is intensifying. Turkey persists in allowing Muslim immigrants, mostly from the Syrian region, to attempt to break through Greece and Bulgaria into Europe. Dr. Steve Turley discusses the unsettled conflict, which could easily escalate.

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Bulgaria Nixes UN Border Pact

In the first go-round, all nations across the globe approved the United Nations’ Open Borders Pact except the United States, Austria and Hungary. But then Poland and the Czech Republic joined the naysayers, and now Bulgaria and Croatia have as well. In addition, there’s rising sentiment in other European nations to reject the pact, notably in Estonia, which is close to abandoning it.

The Soros-supported pact stipulates how nations will be forced to accept migrants and thereafter treat them. A draft version of the UN’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration – or GCM pact – was given tentative approval last July. That means that nations like China, Russia and North Korea agreed to the pact – in hopes that Europe and the U.S. would blindly fall in line. And how do you think a caravan of several thousand Muslim men of fighting age would be treated at the gates of Moscow or Beijing? Welcomed with open arms and an open checkbook from the national largesse? Dream on! More from Bill Still.

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Stefan Molyneux offers an in-depth look at the UN migration compact. He says, “In December 2018, world leaders gather to sign the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration – a disaster for Western countries which virtually eliminates property rights and free speech, enshrining the right for everyone to enter Western countries and live off the taxpayer.”



Hezbollah Tied to Burgas Blast

Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetlin Yovchev says new evidence has bolstered its case implicating Hezbollah in a deadly blast exactly a year ago to the day, though investigators still do not know the exact identities of the suspects. The attack in the Black Sea resort of Burgas killed five Israeli tourists and their Bulgarian bus driver on July 18, 2012.

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The Price of Sex

Bulgarian filmmaker Mimi Chakarova has spent a decade and traveled to nine countries researching and shooting her documentary The Price of Sex, following the trails of destitute Eastern European women duped into serving as prostitutes in the Middle East and Europe. Here are two excerpts, featuring interviews with women held hostage at brothels in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

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