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Michael Jackson’s Bad Clones!

New Christian 21! Michael Jackson was hidden and the Cabal only had old stem cells to use for clones! Their own kids are used as vessels for Reptilians and Demons! As soon as Reptilians were dumped, demons offered them vessel knowledge! Britney’s father is a vessel for a high demon! Justice is coming! More from McAllister TV.

Empty Cargo Ships Everywhere

Brian Young  says it’s hard to believe thousands of cargo ships are lying empty and idle at ports around the world. He emphasizes the surreal scene in in the Port of Singapore, where hundreds of boats are parked out on the harbor in what appears to be a ship graveyard.

“I have never seen this before,” Young says. “They are just sitting there empty, sitting there idle, not transporting anything and losing vast revenues.” Many questions abound. What in heaven is going on? Is this deliberate? Young digs into the weirdness in this edition of High Impact Flix.

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