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Satanic Draco Mind Control!

Advanced alien mind control techniques, taught by William Tompkins, former aerospace designer for the Douglas Aircraft Corp. The vax will disconnect you from God! The Draco-Satanic Transhuman agenda! Human robot slaves that will serve them and their needs! To top it off, Dilara Esengil and Linda Paris share throwback selfies on this edition of McAllister TV.

Celebrities Dragged From Home

They are dragging celebrities from their homes in Hollywood! Dilara Esengil rejoins McAllister TV to discuss the Draco-Satanic transhuman agenda! They are putting it in our faces!

How are they getting away with it? Advanced alien mind control! What is more satanic than the fashion industry? Holograms! Organic Robotos! More, including throwback selfies, from McAllister TV.


Transhumanism! Jewel DNA!

QAnon: Future Proves Past! They are transhuman!  The Black Awakening! False flag sacrifices! Reptilian Jewel DNA! Shapeshifting Zuckerberg! Military complex! Secret space program! They eat children! More from McAllister TV.

There are giant corporations that sell humans as slaves! They monetize human DNA and create transhuman assets! Physically modified cyborgs! Reptilian shapeshifters in high places! Secret space program! They breed humans for food! More from McAllister TV.


And The Rockets’ Red Glare

The patriots are putting everything into place. This week is going to be a very tough week. Trump says that we have not fought a war like this since 1917. Inspector General Michael Atkinson has been fired. The FISA court is asking the FBI for documentation or they might have to invalidate the FISA warrants. The [Deep State] is in trouble. Their entire apparatus is being dismantled right in front of their eyes. More from the X22 Report.

Boarders in Malibu are being arrested for paddling in the ocean, seeds are being called non-essential and therefore not for sale, and the economy is being decimated. Meanwhile, the Rothschild’s Economist magazine mocks us with picket fence tombstones and a cover proclaiming “Covid-19 presents stark choices between life, death and the economy”, Bix Weir joins the SGTReport to discuss.

The Underground War! Alpha Draconians! Frazzle Drip Breakdown! Warning: The Frazzle Drip discussion is graphic, and not suitable for children! More from McAllister TV with special guest Gene Decode.

The Patriot Hour says ankle monitors are now being used in Louisville, Kentucky, on residents who contact the Wuhan virus. It’s part of draconian measures being undertaken by the state to force those who get the coronavirus to remain at home.

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