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Happy Thanksgiving Edition

Let’s open Thanksgiving with a quick — one minute and a half — refresher course from Meme the Left.

National Vax Pass Rollout

Josh Sigurdson reports the push toward social credit received a major boost with the rollout of a national vaccine pass. While the country and the world were distracted by the Russia-Ukraine event, many red and blue states jumped on board with the Draconian measure.

Sourcing Forbes magazine, Sigurdson says the U.S. government has not officially issued a vaccine pass, though a national standard has emerged. Twenty-one states now offer a smart health card, which is digital proof of vaccination. While the mainstream media is silent on the issue, as usual, Sigurdson says we must continue to talk about it. “If we don’t talk about it, this dooms us to compliance and servitude and total bondage,” he says. Here’s the story.

Senate Dems Spent Millions, Lost

Democrats raised a record $407 million in hopes of creating a gigantic blue wave in the Senate, but it was all for naught. It appears the Republicans held their ground in many key races, many with smaller war chests.

The most glaring money disparity came in the South Carolina Senate race between upstart Democrat challenger Jaime Harrison and incumbent Sen. Lindsey Graham. Harrison raised $107 million in an attempt to win the seat, including a record $57 million in the last quarter. He lost.

Meanwhile, in Maine, oft-controversial Republican incumbent Susan Collins was outspent by $42.5 million in her race, but thanks to an endorsement by President Trump, held off her feisty challenger.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell romped to an easy win in Kentucky, despite spending $33 million less than the Democrat. Says Forbes political reporter Jack Brewster, “This is not a new theme, it’s not a new phenomenon. In 2016, Hillary Clinton outspent Donald Trump. Sometimes money is just not enough to move the needle.”

Here’s more with Brewster on the Forbes channel.

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Proof Feminists Are Losing

It’s Cultural Appropriation Month! Join us each week on Louder with Crowder as we traverse the globe learning and appreciating all the beautiful cultures. Tonight, we honor Israel! Tune in as we debunk the Forbes top 100 athletes feminist backlash, Samantha Bee’s fake apology and more. Governor Mike Huckabee, Razorfist and Owen Benjamin stop by to discuss the week’s top news stories!

Who Are These Idiots?

Forbes magazine released their list of the top 30 most influential people under the age of 30. One thing you gotta say: Hardly anyone ever heard of these people. They appear to all be the same, old tried Liberal apologists and social justice warriors. Of course, Forbes skipped Tomi Lahren, or Lauren Southern, or Mark Dice, or anyone at all appealing to conservatives.

Hey, Forbes editors, how about you and your social justice warriors just keep sticking your swelled heads up your gaping arseholes? Neither you nor your media-anointed are titans. Just a bunch of whiny and hopelessly outdated titmouses.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This video has been removed from YouTube. In its absence, we present the tune “Young Conservatives” by The Kinks from their album State Of Confusion.)

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