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It’s Tainted Supplements, Bro

Here’s what its like when an athlete fails a drug test…More from AwakenwithJP.

The Heartbreaking Vaccines

Ever since Covid-19 vaccines have been mandated around the world, it’s become a common sight to see young athletes keel over on the playing field, victims of heart attacks. The medical community has coined an entirely new phrase — post-pandemic stress disorder — to describe these deaths.

Why don’t these quack doctors tell the truth instead and admit the vaccines were designed to kill and sterilize much of humanity? Here’s more from Computing Forever, connecting the dots and analyzing the heartbreaking vaccines.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny is widely regarded as the most knowledgeable and outspoken physician on the adverse impact that vaccines can have on health, Dr. Tenpenny has been a guest on hundreds of radio and national television programs (including the Dr. Oz Show, DayStar TV and the Today Show Australia).

Clay Clark is a successful entrepreneur and is waking people up around the country.

The conversation begins with Dr. Tenpenny discussing the tests and how they don’t work. The pandemic was created by fake tests and fear from the fake news. The vaccines are being used to transform the human population into something completely different. The entire agenda is darker than anyone could imagine. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Navy Seals Beat Back Biden

Another soccer player dead, meme montage, Navy Seals victorious in Texas court, Biden mandate dealt a death blow. More from RedPill78.

So many people have made an assessment about Trump and believe that they know what’s going on, but as none of us have the full picture. All anyone can do is make an educated guess. But the truth is coming out, and I believe that things will become much more apparent very soon. More from Dan Bongino in a clip carried by the Son if Enos.

Trans Swimmer Destroys Comp

Trans Swimmer DESTROYS Women in Competition! Swimmer from U Penn is setting records in destroying women in swimming competition. Why is she so much faster than all the other women? More from We Lie to You News from Awakenwith JP.

Georgia Judge Blocks Mandate

Another win in Federal court against jab mandates, this time for Fed Contractors. More from RedPillNews.

Attorney Todd Callender is fighting for a 74-year old man who is allegedly being held by Northwestern Medicine Palos Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, against his will and against the will of his family. That man’s daughter Shannon and Callender  join me to expose the anti-human nature of the blatantly evil NIH / hospital Covid protocols. Along with the deadly experimental gene therapy, the “vaccine” may well lead to Nuremberg 2.0 trials for crimes against humanity. Midway through the call our friend and nurse Nicole joins the conversation. More from the SGTReport.

Athletes Dying From Covid Vax

Athletes in multiple sports are collapsing and dying from Covid vaccines, in many cases, while still competing. The following video collage, courtesy of RenaudBe, features a series of graphic clips of athletes actually collapsing on the field.

Says Renaud Bedard, “The corrupt, sellout, fake news media continues to cover up the vaccine-related deaths and injuries, as long as they get their cut of the huge profits, along with sellout politicians. They don’t care how many die from the Covid vaccines.” Here’s the video.

The Truth About Simone Biles

Why are they re-defining weakness as strength? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Boo Jocks Who Take Knee

Why should you boo when athletes “take the knee?” It’s a moral duty. More from Paul Joseph Watson.


Why Even Bother?

Major League Baseball has belatedly opened its 2020 season but why even bother? The players are flashing their Black Lives Matter gear, playing politics instead of sports. The NBA and Women’s National Basketball Association have staged even more dramatic stunts. If athletes want to run for Congress, fine. Go for it. But when the games are on, they should be focusing on sports — not pushing their own brand of politics. More from Mark Dice.

Dissecting the Headlines

Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott debate the headlines of the day in this lightning-round episode of Right Angle. Among this week’s topics are drafting women into the U.S. Armed Forces, the coming volcano eruption in California and transgender athletes.

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