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Gene Decode: DUMBS Update

Gene Decode joins the Michael Jaco podcast to break down the progress of shutting down the DUMBs throughout the planet, including the final assault on the Antarctica tunnels.

Decode also explains that the “war” with the Deep State–aka the globalists, the Cabal, the bad guys–is a war for creation for all of humanity everywhere. “This is the beginning of the war for dark and light,” Decode says. “If we do not prevail here, we’re done.” More with Decode and Jaco.

In a brief, but related video, Decode confirms that some of the DUMBs in the United States have been cleaned out, including the evil and infamous “Nightmare Alley” in Dulce, N.M., which vibrated at high fifth-density negative. He says it’s akin in darkness to the DUMB below Libya, which is part of the vast South African tunnel system that envelops the lower three-sevenths of the continent.


Decode: Deception Off the Charts

Gene Decode says the level of deception in our world is off the charts. Appearing on the Patriot Streetfighter podcast with Scott McKay, Decode says, “Creation is infinite, like God. So there’s an infinite number of beings, some of them billions of years ahead of us (technology wise).”

He says NASA has actually plotted 600,000 million galaxies and there are millions of planets alone in the Milky Way Galaxy. On top of that, Decode says, we’ve been lied to about the number of planets in our solar system, “We have 11 planets at third density,” he says. “And by the time you add up first, second, third, fourth and fifth densities, you have 90.”

McKay and Decode also talk submarine waterways that come off the coast and dock as far inland as Missouri, how we’re still stuck in the technology of the late-19th century and about beings, including our future selves, are so advanced, they now communicate beyond telepathy, employing mind thoughts. Decode wraps up the podcast with a stunning update on the Afghanistan chaos.

The Moon Was Built By Aliens

British podcaster Nicholas Veniamin is right on target when he says we’ve been lied to on a massive scale by government officials, ranging from historical events throughout the planet to our interaction with otherworldly beings.

And Gene Decode confirms that perhaps one of the biggest fairly tales of them all is the origin of our fake moon. Measuring one-quarter diameter of Earth, the moon is not part of our solar system but was built by the Adama alien species 500,000 years ago and moved to its present location. “It’s actually a base. The whole thing is hollow,” Decode says. “It’s built from the inside out and has giant shock absorbers on its surface.”  Decode says this can be easily proven by the craters that pock the moon, which are all the same depth, an impossibility since different-sized meteors collided with the lunar surface.

Early on, the entire surface of the moon had massive cities and there were layers of alien bases inside. Over millennia, many alien species also built bases on the far side of the moon. Hitler’s Nazi regime were the first to build a human base, which they constructed to resemble a swastika. When their lease ran out, the United States took over and built the Lunar Operation Center, of which their are four levels today.

This is wild stuff, to say the least. But when Veniamin questions Decode about his vast knowledge of all things otherworldly and the Bible’s end-of-time prophecy known as The Rapture, his response is stunning. “For me, I absolutely know, because when I died in 1992 for half an hour–and a guy once told me that God was AI, but it’s more likely that God is a virus in your brain–one minute I’m looking out my eyes and the next instant I’m looking down on the Milky Way, and for half an hour a virus in my dead brain is talking to me?” Decode says he glided all the way to the central sun, overlooking all the galaxies, and was conversing with God the whole time.

And it doesn’t end there. Decode continues the interview with details of the brown dwarf star Nemesis, the second sun in our solar system, our connection with the planet Nibiru and the doppelgangers and timelines that are with us in different parallel universes. As always, we ask you to judge the material for yourself. The video was mirrored, courtesy of the Jim_Crenshaw channel.

The Milky Way Obsession

Space might not be the final frontier, but it is the next. Parts of our Earth are just as alien to us as the deepest parts of space and, at times, it might be easier to uncover the mystery of the cosmos than our own world.

Finnish astrophotographer J.P. Metsavainio took it to the extreme, creating a mosaic of the Milky Way Galaxy, a 12-year project to collect sufficient data. Total exposure time used was about 1,250 hours between 2009 and 2021. The final photo is about 100,000 pixels wide, including 234 individual mosaic panels stitched together and 1,7 gigapixels. Here’s more on the project with BuzWeaver from The Lost History Channel TKTC.

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Largest Galaxy Ever Observed

Our Milky Way is considered one of the most sizable galaxies in the universe, with a diameter of 126 thousand light years, but it pales in comparison to the recently discovered IC 1101, the largest that scientists have ever observed, including its central, super-massive black hole.

IC 1101 is colossal with a unfathomable diameter of nearly 6 million light years. To put that number in perspective, you could string 40 Milky Ways in it if you lined them up side by side. The galaxy contains more than 100 trillion stars and is like its own little universe. The following video, presented by Beyond, examines the properties of the galaxy, how it formed and at takes a peek at its ultra-massive black hole.

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Scientists Discover Super Earth

Employing  the seldom-used gravitational lensing technique, scientists has discovered what they are calling a “Super Earth,” smack in the middle of our Milky Way Galaxy, near the galactic bulge. Anton Petrov, host of “What Da Math,” says the discovery was an extremely rare event, since the host star of the planet is a red dwarf, which are usually small and dim. The star is approximately 12 percent the mass of the sun and the Super Earth is about four masses of Earth. “We don’t really know if it’s a gas world, but it’s somewhat more likely to be an unusual, somewhat ice-like planet with similar conditions to maybe Neptune or Earth.”

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The Largest Galaxy

Our Milky Way Galaxy is enormous, almost 126,000 light years in length. To put it in perspective, that’s approximately 756 trillion miles long! Amazing. Thing is, we are labeled an intermediate galaxy in our known universe. And we are very tiny in comparison to IC 1101, the largest galaxy with an approximate diameter of 6 million light years, a little more than 60 times larger than our Milky Way. In this episode of “What Da Math,” host Anton Petrov takes us on a surreal journey through IC 1101.

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Our Universe and Beyond

Every time you get upset about something insignificant, just sit back and think of our home–our Earth, our solar system, our universe, our Milky Way Galaxy. But that’s not where it ends. In the following 209 seconds that will make you question your existence, Buzz Feed Blue takes a mesmerizing look at our universe and beyond.

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Anybody Out There?

The one question that has baffled us for millenia is: Are we alone in the universe? With more than 500 trillion suns like ours in the Milky Way Galaxy alone, more than 100 trillion galaxies and the increasing number of exoplanets in the universe, it is nearly impossible to think that there is nobody else. Hybrid Librarian takes a look at this mystery and nine others that have stupefied our greatest minds.

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