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Not My New Normal

Are the globalists trying to sabotage our food supply? Do they want us to eat insects? We can always tell them: Go screw! More from Jamie Dlux.

Plague Squirrels In Colorado

As if we hadn’t had enough talk of pandemics and infestations, now squirrels suffering from the Bubonic plague, or Black Death, are on the loose in Colorado. The squirrels have been reported in El Paso County, home to Colorado Springs. Wonder if Joe Biden and the annihilistic Democrats summoned them? More from Magog of Morskar.

Nigeria’s Hyena People

An intriguing film that unravels the myth of Nigeria’s Hyena People, who arrive in towns wrapped in rock pythons, with hyenas in chains and with trained monkeys turning somersaults.

Some believe that they are part animal and possess magical powers. The reality is that they are traveling minstrels earning money by performing with animals. In the following video, Real Wild examines the clash between the urban and the wild, and the paradoxical relationship that the handlers have with their animals.

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Choosing Chickens

Today on #SolutionsWatch, James Corbett talks to Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast about how to choose the best chicken breed for your back yard or homestead and what such a seemingly simple choice can teach us about the principles of permaculture. More from The Corbett Report.

Orcas Slaughter Blue Whale

The sea remains a vicious mystery. Here, Magog of Morskar relates a cruel event off the coast of Australia, as a gang of 70 Orcas surround and badger a blue whale, bringing it down for the slaughter.

Biden’s Pet Dog Banished

We’ve all heard that Joe Biden’s German shepherd has been banished from the White House. Why did the pet dog get the boot? Perhaps now, we know the reason why. More from Not Fake News.

Frozen In Ice

From long-dead, pre-historic viruses to extinct creatures found for the first time, Origins Explained features 10 amazing animals and organisms found frozen in ice.

As we all grapple with the realities of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems absolutely insane that anyone would want to revive a long-dead virus. But that’s exactly what happened in 2014, when a team led by evolutionary biologist Jean-Michel Claverie revived two viruses that were found frozen 100 feet underground in the Siberian permafrost.

In another amazing discovery in 2018, a team of paleontologists found a mummified horse foal in the 328-foot deep Bataiga Crater during an expedition in eastern Siberia. Its skin, hooves and tail were still intact, thanks to the frozen conditions preserving the young creature’s remains. Tune in for eight more amazing discoveries.

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Unbelievable Giant Animals

When asked about the biggest animal in the world, what picture comes to mind? Is it a giraffe, an anaconda or a blue whale? These are some of the biggest animals on the planet, but you might be shocked at the unbelievable giants caught in the following raw footage presented by Wild Focus.

Among the miraculous sights is a massive 6-foot, 4-inch cow in Australia, who was saved from the slaughter house simply because he couldn’t fit through the doors of the facility. Or the huge turtle feeding underwater, who dwarfs a pair of deep-sea divers. Then there’s the monstrous rabbit in New York that would put Peter Cottontail to shame. Tune in for more.

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Crazy Things Snakes Swallowed

When hunger pangs strike, snakes will eat almost anything. Take the hungry reptile who slithered into a Gainesville, Fla., backyard and devoured not one, but two 15-watt lightbulbs, each three times the size of the snake’s head.

When property owners saw the snake, they noticed two large bulges in its body as if it were pregnant with twins. The homeowners admitted that they discarded the bulbs from their chicken coop and the snake mistook them for eggs.

In the following video, Origins Explained features 10 of the craziest things that were found in the bellies of snakes.

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Wild Animals Rarely Seen

From prehistoric-looking birds to the new generation of felines, Origins Explained features a variety of wild animals that have rarely been seen.

One of the weirdest is the shoebill stork, quite an intimidating bird that appears to be a creature right out of a 1990s animated movie. These large birds have a very direct look on their faces and are native to the wetlands of Central and East Africa. Then there’s the extremely rare bracken bat cave meshweaver spider, which hadn’t been spotted for 30 years until 2012, when a cave full of them was discovered in San Antonio, Texas. They measure the size of a dime and are harmless, mostly surviving in underground caves. Tune in for more rare species on Origins Explained.

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