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This Just In

It’s the darkest day in American history as Donald Trump threatens a Democratic work force, led by Nancy Pelosi. More from The United Spot.

The Joke’s On Us

Democrats and their fake news allies gather round to discuss how liberating it can be to pee your own pants. More from The United Spot.

What Happened?

Listen up, peasants! Buy yourself an electric car. Otherwise, you’ll be ravaged by our perpetually rising gasoline prices. Take it from House Drinker Nancy Pelosi. More from The United Spot.

Fetterman: A Certified Wacko!

Trump Rally decode! Potus names it “gender conversion!” Save America means Joe Biden is a disaster! Bloodthirsty aliens!

Thugs and tyrants vs. The Sleeping Giant! Dramatic ending! AOC’s Green New Deal is bullshit!

The Democrats’ Senate hopeful in Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, is a certified wack job! Chuck Schumer howling! More from McAllister TV.


Adam Carolla: No Apologies

“If AOC were fat and in her 60s, no one would listen to her,” says Adam Carolla.

Comments like that cause controversy. But Corolla won’t apologize.

“Apologizing just leads to more apologizing,” he tells me. Here, Carolla speaks with John Stossel.

She’s A Genius

MSNBC’s Joy Reid interviews Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the perils of climate change. This is the kind of interview that will forever change the face of science! More from The United Spot.

The Purge Is Under Way

Last week we got reports of FBI raids on Trump supporters. I warned before & after the US 2020 election that the ideological Progressive Left had been compiling lists with the full intent of destroying their opponents – not just figuratively but literally. Here’s a flashback. More from Amazing Polly.

Might As Well Face It

He’s addicted to lies! Joe Biden belts it out — over and over again. More from The United Spot.

Has It Come To This?

The IRS strong-arms Brian Stelter, apparently unaware he has ;lost his job at CNN and gone broke. More from The United Spot.

That Escalated Quickly

Fielding customer service calls for Truth Social, Kash Patel hears from Gavin Newsom as well as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. More from The United Spot.

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