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He Shouldn’t Have Done That

Beto O’Rourke confronted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott at a press conference called to discuss the mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Is the belligerent O’Rourke vying to become Texas’ answer to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? More from The United Spot.

C’mon Man

It’s a late-nite hot line, for those on the lookout for hot babes, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi. Plus a surprise or two. More from The United Spot.

Follow The Yellow Brick Lies

The Cowardly Lion (Barack Obama) craps his pants when he bumps up against the all-mighty Wizard. Meanwhile, the Wicked Witch (Nancy Pelosi) is egging on the Oz crew. Dig those chops on Maxine Waters as one of the Flying Monkeys! More from The United Spot.

Imagine If They Lost Power

The hard-working peasants keep getting preyed upon by the grasshoppers. Imagine if they lost their power! More from The United Spot.

Trump Obsession Ruined Nancy

Nancy Pelosi spills the beans. She’s been ruined since childhood by an obsessive attachment to Donald Trump. More from The United Spot.

They Knew The Whole Time

And they did nothing. More from The United Spot.

You Can’t Act That Way

At least, not at the Oscar ceremony! Will Smith wins a best actor award but draws more attention by slapping Chris Rock. This came after the Oscar announcer made a pointed joke, seemingly insulting Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

Here, The United Spot surveys the Hollywood community, from Alec Baldwin to Jussie Smollett, for reactions.

The BidenStones

Joe’s New Deal. Got gas? More from The United Spot.

Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

Lindsay Graham tries to place a personal phone call to Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, Hunter Biden is wondering where his Ukraine bribery money disappeared. Hillary Clinton is reviving the Clinton Foundation, so she can hopefully stay out of jail. And Nancy Pelosi is up a creek without her vodka. More from The United Spot.

Dear Mister President Putin

Listen as a bunch of U.S. politicians, mostly of the Democratic persuasion, sling their phony baloney toward Vladimir Putin. More from The United Spot.

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