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What’s Behind Alien Abductions?

As part of the String Theory series, John Ventre and Fred Saluga join forces to discuss numerous subjects and sensitive material with guest lecturers, researchers, and investigators. Find out what’s really going on in this raw format discussion where nothing is too sensitive or secret. In this episode, the team discuss the Alien Abduction phenomena and look at a number of reported incidents. More from Zohar StarGate.

Alien Abduction To Zeta Reticuli

In 1961, Betty Hill’s abductors told her that they were from this Binary System Zeta Reticuli. It was not yet discovered by astronomers on Earth. So, how could she have made this up? Here’s a video from The Lost History Channel TKTC that revisits Betty and Barney Hill’s alien abduction in 1961.

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Pizza Esoterica

This installment of the Pizza Esoterica series is all about a pizza scene from 1982’s Spielberg classic, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. It’s the scene where little Elliot encounters the alien in the tool shed. Just like with alien encounters that are abductions, anal probing is involved, although you wouldn’t perceive it unless you were tracking the clues, like the pizza code.

Pizza is connected with trauma-based sodomy mind control programming themes: Black Magick, sex trafficking of a young boy, torture, incest, and pedophile anal sex between minors and an adult – and reciprocal sodomy with a demon.

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