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Nanotech In Vaccines

Spanish researchers and scientist recently exposed the stunning news of nanotech in vaccines. Josh Sigurdson reports that despite the 163 percent increase in deaths year after year, governments continue to push the shots. Here’s Sigurdson with more details.

WEF’s Mass-Extinction Plan

Another leaked video from the World Economic Forum (WEF) exposes Klaus Schwab and his sinister cronies forwarding their depopulation narrative, shockingly planning a mass-extinction event.

Schwab’s right-hand man, Yuval Noah Harari, recently declared that the WEF considers the vast majority of the human population to be obsolete, useless and redundant. Promoting his new book, Harari said, “What do we need so many humans for?”

Talk about being useless and redundant. Perhaps the best depopulation plan going forward should begin with these sick bastards! Here’s more, courtesy of Jim Crenshaw.

#Unvaccinated Viral On Twitter

In a somewhat surprising and unexpected trend, #unvaccinated is going viral on Twitter, right alongside #Pizzagate! Josh Sigurdson reports that millions of people are waking up to the lies we were fed throughout 2020-2022 and the narrative is shifting. Here’s more.

Gene Decode On God’s Geometry

Gene Decode joins Up Front In The Prophetic, with hosts Allen and Francine Fosdick, to discuss the golden proportion of God, which is essentially a sacred geometry governing creation and the interrelationships between spirit, soul, consciousness, space/time, energy and matter.

He also touches on the phenomenon of the magnetic nano-dust being injected into our bodies via the Covid vaccination protocol. The process, called ferrokineses, uses the nano-dust to to infiltrate our cells with its junk quicker. Decode warned that those people who have been heavily vaxxed present a problem for the unvaccinated through the process of shedding and vectoring. “It comes down to you will be exposed, because so many people have already gotten shots.” Here are the details on these subjects and more.

CDC Warns Of Liver Damage

In a massive vaccine blowback, the CDC has issued a nationwide alert of acute liver damage in children who have been jabbed. Josh Sigurdson reports the warning comes after a mysterious rash of children contracting hepatitis and the so-called “adenovirus.” Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Jabs Killing More Minorities

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra admitted that vaccines are killing minorities at twice the rate of white people. Speaking at the Convening on Equity Summit in D.C., Becerra said Blacks, Latinos and indigenous people were most victimized by the jabs. Was this an admission of guilt or a slip of the tongue? Infowars’ Alex Jones explains.

Left Lost Its Mind Over Covid

Dr. Christian Parenti joins “The Jimmy Dore Show” to discuss how the left got the whole Covid-19 pandemic wrong, learned to love lockdowns and lost its mind.

Parenti, economics professor at John Jay University and former investigative reporter, writes in The Gray Zone that the left went from vanguard in the struggle for freedom over the last two centuries to embracing anti-working class policies, which they marketed as technical public health measures. Here’s the rest of the story.

Cancer Exploding In Booster Vax

Dr. Jane Ruby reveals the evidence of emerging cancer in the Covid-19 vaccinations and the explosion of the disease in those people who have been boosted. Ruby cites published studies, and one case study in particular, in an update on the ReAwaken America Tour. Here’s her report.

Time To Stop Being So Nice

Dan Radiostyle says there are far too many Republicans and RINOs that are afraid to come across as mean or possibly hurt someone’s feelings. “Well, in John, Chapter 2, verses 13-16 Jesus got pissed. Sometimes, we need to get pissed. We need to take back control of this ship.”

He says we’re taking the gloves off and not going to take it anymore. In the following episode of On The Fringe, Dan Radiostyle brings down the hammer on the likely suspects in D.C., blasts the thieves at GoFundMe and updates the news of the day.

Trudeau’s Faked Vaccinations

It appears there was some trickery when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie, showed up for their vaccinations. A registered nurse, who wished to remain anonymous, studied the video and confirmed the process was fake.

She says there were signs of Hollywood-style, trick retractable needles and it even appears the nurse allegedly injecting the vaccine was fake, since she failed to follow proper vaccination procedures. She explains further in this episode of RenaudBe.





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