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More Trouble For Dr. Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci is retiring from the NIH at the end of the year, moving on to the next stage of his career. But should he be moving into a prison celll?

Stew Peters welcomes Dr. Jane Ruby to the podcast, who says there is undisputable evidence that Fauci is responsible for remdesivir-induced deaths and should be indicted. She explains further on The Stew Peters Show.

CDC Caught Hiding Baby Deaths

Dr. Jane Ruby reports that the criminal CDC is now being exposed for lying about dangers to babies and toddlers from the bioweapon vaccines forced on children 6 months to under 5 years old by the FDA. She flushes out the details, plus talks with Dr. Peter Breggin about the manipulation by some front-liners pushing the pseudo science of mass formation psychosis.

White House Theater

Dr. Jane Ruby says she’s uncovered the ploy behind Joe Biden’s Covid scam infection and how the White House is playing out this Marxist takeover all in preparation for the rollout of a digital passport. She also reviews the unvaccinated blood slides of a UK physician and discusses medical prepping for supply chain disruptions and grid manipulation.

FDA’s License To Kill

Dr. Jane Ruby slams the FDA for its decision to drop the requirement to test new drugs for bioweapon shotmakers. Ruby says it’s the final death blow to the Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki and the Hippocratic Oath, unveiling its true mission to commit treason against America and bioterrorism on the people of the world. Here’s her report, courtesy of James Red Pills America.

Vaxxes Contain Metallic Objects

Dr. Jane Ruby reveals the latest evidence of Pfizer and Moderna vials containing metallic foreign objects, which have been seen growing into self-assembling circuits that rapidly expand when warmed to body temperature. Ruby provides the evidence, proving that bioweapon makers and the FDA have always known the dangers of gene therapy. Here’s more.

Nurses Stayed On For Paychecks

Dr. Jane Ruby says the death protocol in American hospitals would not be possible without the help and compliance of the nurses who stayed on the job. She says the nurses are not only complicit in “hospital murders, they are also the ones carrying out the orders to maim and kill, abdicating all ethical standards.”

In today’s video, Ruby takes a look at the ugly truth at the complicity of nurses, the red line between your protection and the health care system.

Evidence Of Vaccine Parasites

Dr. Jane Ruby reports there is now strong evidence of parasites being injected into vaccines. In the following video, Ruby features shocking video evidence of hatching parasite eggs from Pfizer BioNTech vials, filmed by a group of German parasitologists, specialists in recognizing the anatomy and behavior of parasites.

Are these bioengineered to be trans-animal parasites with a mission inside the human body? Here’s the rest of the story, including how victims are coping and how they are being treated.

Cancer Exploding In Booster Vax

Dr. Jane Ruby reveals the evidence of emerging cancer in the Covid-19 vaccinations and the explosion of the disease in those people who have been boosted. Ruby cites published studies, and one case study in particular, in an update on the ReAwaken America Tour. Here’s her report.

FDA Approves Vax Bioweapon

In another in-your-face move, the FDA has approved Moderna’s mRNA vaccine bioweapon, now known as spikevax, to treat Covid-19 and its variants.

Dr. Jane Ruby argues that the stamp of approval is for Moderna’s existing vaccine, which had no right to get approved, based on an incomplete study and improper data. She breaks down the process, plus reports on a man who was taken unconscious from a car crash scene to Flagstaff Medical Center and woke up on a ventilator, and also on how children are being forced to wear masks everyday, causing physical, emotional and developmental pain.

Nursing-Home Tragedies

Stew Peters reports there are millions of tragedies unfolding everyday in our assisted care facilities across American and nobody is talking about this. Peters adds that more of our loved ones are literally being stashed away in nursing homes and deprived of family visitation.

Take California, where the latest health order for visiting nursing homes requires a guest to be fully vaccinated and boosted, and they must produce a negative Covid test on top of that. Peters fills us in on the details, plus welcomes Team Enigma, who reveals more information bombs about the bioweapon clot-shot.

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